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VINNITSI VILLAGE LIBRARY (Vinnitsi Village, 64 Sovetskaya Street). The library was opened in the village before 1917 (the precise date of the foundation is unknown). Fom 1977 to 2005 the library was integrated into centralized library network as its branch. Its general-purpose fund contains over 18,000 storage units; main value has editions in the Veps language and books on the Veps ethnos. The library has about 1,000 readers (10,000 visits annually) and makes 27,000 loans a year. Since 1987 the library has actively participating in organizing of “Drevo zhizni” (The Tree of Life) Oblast Veps Folklore. The library is home to Veps culture mini-museum, since 2002 it has run a project “Vinnitskaya sel’skaya biblioteka – Vepsskiy informatsionno-obrazovatel’ny tsentr” (Vinnitsi Village Library as Veps Information-and-Educational Centre), which operates in coordination with Centre for Veps Folklore.

Blyudova, Lyudmila Konstantinovna

Leningrad Oblast, the/Podporozhye District/Vinnitsi Village/Sovetskaya Street

«Россия, Русь! Храни себя, храни»: Сельская библиотека и краеведение /Сост. Л.К. Блюдова, Г.М. Мошкова; Ленингр. обл. унив. научн. б-ка. – СПб.: Борей Арт, 2004. – 94 с., С.56-58

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