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Lopukhinka, a country estate

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Lopukhinka, a country estate in the Lomonosov district. In the 18th century on the bank of the River Lopukhinka there was the village Sergiyevskaya which originally belonged to the Counsellor Nikita Lopukhin (the village name comes from this family) and since 1783 it belonged to General Kh.F. Gering. His son P.Kh. Gering, who inherited the estate from his parents in 1833, found radon springs in the river canyon and built a balneotherapeutic [balneology] health resort there. A dam was built and a radon lake was created. In the 1830s Lopukhinka was leased by Admiral F.F. Bellinsgausen, the Military Governor of Kronshtadt. Together with the surgeon N.I. Pirogov he organized a hospital for seamen where arthropathy, heart diseases, nervous system diseases were treated with the water from local springs. By 1841 P.Kh. Gering laid out the park with terraces on bank slopes and the system of pathes and stairs. On the right bank there was a manor-house with belvedere. The three-storied hydropathic with showers, bathes and fountains was located at the dam across the river, there was a military sanitation center that made the quality audit of water. Nearby there was a hospital for students of military colleges. In the right of the dam there was a paper-mill. The detailed description of the resort was published in the magazine "Illyustratsiya" (The Illustration) in 1847. By the middle of the 1880s the hydropathic fell into decay, buildings were gradually destroyed. It was owned by L. Gering till 1917. On our days in the River Lopukhinka valley trout are breeded. In the overgrown park 120-160-year trees have been intacted; two stone lions placed formerly at the manor-house porch have been left whole.

Piryutko, Yuri Minayevich

Bellinsgauzen, Faddey Faddeyevich
Hering, Christian Fyodorovich
Hering, Pavel Christianovich
Lopukhin, Nikita
Pirogov, Nikolay Ivanovich

Leningrad Oblast, the/Lomonosov District
Topographical landmarks/Lopukhinka River, the
Historical Toponyms/Sergiyevskaya, Village

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