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Sivoritsi, a country estate

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Sivoritsi, a country estate (the village of Nikolskoye, the Gatchina district). In 1712 it was granted by Peter I to General-Admiral F.M. Apraksin. In the 1770s P.G. Demidov bought the estate. The estate has the traditional planning "Pokoi" ("chamber"): the manor-house is in the centre and lower service blocks are located on sides. The house and park were built on the project of the architect I.Ye. Starov. The house was located on the terrace and connected with outhouses with fences. On the sides of the front yard there was a service zone and fruit garden with green-houses and hothouses. The alley was led from the post road to the house and the landscape park was laid out around: compositions of the different sort trees alternated with meadows and glades. The park was crossed with the River Sivorka which gave the name to estate. The local relief was taken into account when the park was created. An artificial lake gave the additional expressiveness to the park. Arbours and pavilions were built (only a rotunda was intacted). In the estate in 1775-84 the stone church of St. Nicolas the Wondermaker was built (on the project of the architect I.Ye. Starov; it was working till 1937, it was closed in 1940, at the present time the church was ruined). In 1873 P.G. Demidov's grandson sold Sivoritsi. In 1900 the estate was bought by the St. Petersburg Zemstvo (Region) Administration for placing a madhouse on the estate territory. The manor-house was replanned, service blocks were combined into square where stables, coach-houses, a creamery, ice-houses, workshops were placed there. In 1905-09 supplementary blocks were built on the project of the architect I.Yu. Moshinsky, electrical equipment was installed and water supply was laid on, drainage work were done. The hospital town was built under observation of the famous psychiatrist P.P. Kashchenko. His name was given to the being hospital. A part of the park is opened for visitors.

Karpenko, Irina Aleksandrovna

Apraksin, Fyodor Matveyevich
Demidov, Pyotr Grigoryevich
Kashchenko, Pyotr Petrovich
Moshinsky, Iosif Yulianovich
Peter I, Emperor
Starov, Ivan Yegorovich

Leningrad Oblast, the/Gatchina District/Nikolskoye Village
Topographical landmarks/Sivorka River, the

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