Articles / "The Rusian Yard", an oblast folk art festival

"The Rusian Yard", an oblast folk art festival

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“RUSSKIY DVOR” (“RUSSIAN COURTYARD”), oblast festival of amateur and folk art. It has been held once in two years in Pikalevo Town since 1997. It is held on the Day of Metallurgist, which takes place in the middle of July. Founders – the Culture Committee and the Committee on Youth, Physical Training, Sport and Tourism under the Leningrad Oblast Government, the Leningrad Oblast Education and Methodology Centre of Culture and Art, Town Administration, Pikalevo Metallurgical Plant. The aims of the festival: revival of public festive activities; giving the masses access to amateur and folk art; popularization of folk crafts; revelation of impressive and talented performers, art groups, folk masters. The festival programme includes theatrical carnival procession and street festive activities, concerts given by art groups and art workers of Russia, art contests, exhibition-fair of applied art masters. Among the guests of the festival one can find the best amateur art groups of the Leningrad Oblast, representatives of some other regions of Russia.

Illarionova, Irina Nikolayevna

Leningrad Oblast, the/Pikalevo Town

Илларионова И.Н. «Русский двор» // Информационный сборник ЛОУМЦК и И, 2001, № 9., 11-12
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