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THE LENINGRAD OBLAST EDUCATION AND METHODOLOGY CENTRE OF CULTURE AND ART (LO EMC CA) (15, B. Morskaya st., Spb). It was founded in 1939 as the Oblast House of Amateur Talent Activities, it was reorganized several times. The main purpose of the Centre is to provide organizing and methodological guidance on culture institutions; training, retraining and upgrading of professional skills of culture and arts workers; improvement of cultural, leisure and creative activities in the Leningrad Oblast; assistance in formation of united culture area in the region. The Centre annually organizes and methodologically supports most oblast and inter-regional culture and leisure activities. These include big traditional mass holidays, festivals, contests, exhibitions: Pushkin’s festivities (“Tebya Zh, Kak Pervuyu Lubov, Rossyiy Serdtse Ne Zabudet” (“The Heart of Russia Will Never forget You As People Never Forget Their First Love”), “Poslednyaya Doroga” (“The Last Way”)); celebrations dedicated to N.K. Rerikh (“Zazhigaite Serdtsa” (“Inflame the Hearts”), “Tsvet I Zvuk Derzhavy Rerikha” (“Colour and Sound of Rerikh Empire”)); children’s festivals “Tikhvinsky Lel” (“Lel from Tikhvin Town”), “Molodiye Darovaniya” (“Young Talents”), “Andersengrad”; numerous professional skills contests of children’s arts schools students; festivities of different nationalities “Derevo Zhizny” (“Tree of Life”), “Sabantuy”, “Enarne Ma”; historical activities “Dety Voiny” (“War Children”), “Venok Slavy Aleksandra Nevskogo” (“Alexander Nevsky’s Wreath of Glory”), “Luzhsky Rubezh” (“Luga Town Defensive Line”), “Pamyat Serdtsa” (“Memory of the Heart”), meetings of the veterans “Doroga Zhizny” (“Road of Life”). In addition regular methodological and practical help is given to municipal houses of culture, schools of arts, etc., regular information support is given to the regional social and cultural activities. The Centre holds training and retraining classes for culture workers of different categories, training and master classes according special programs. LO EMC CA houses a Centre of Handicraft (classes of composition, colourists, drawing, ornamental design, patchwork, tapestry, collage, embroidery). Publishing department monthly issues information and methodology digest “Oblast Cultury” (“Culture Area”), collected games and theme scenarios of festivities, folklore collected works, etc.

Osipov, Oleg Vasilyevich

Saint-Petersburg City/Bolshaya Morskaya Street (Greater Maritime Street)

Культура Ленинградской области на рубеже тысячелетий. СПб., 2003, 17-19
"Сайт Ленинградского областного учебно-методического центра культуры и искусства". URL:, 17-19

Subject Index
"Children of War", historical event
"Colour and Sound of the Roerich Power", an oblast festival-competition
"Ernane Ma", holiday
"lel of Tikhvin", a competition-festival of children choreogrphy groups
"Light Your Hearts", holiday
"Luga Boundary", event
"Memories of Heart", historical event
"Place for the Meeting Is Adersen City", children holiday
Pushkin festivals
"Sabantuy", holiday
"The Road of Life", veteran meetings
"The Tree of Life", a vepses festival
"The wreath of the glory of St. Alexander Nevsky", a festival
"Young Talents", a competition

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Clubs and studios of the decorative art
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"Colour and Sound of the Roerich Power", an oblast festival-competition
“TSVET I ZVUK DERZHAVY N.K. RERIKHA” (“COLOUR AND SOUND OF N.K. RERIKH’S EMPIRE”), oblast festival-contest. It was first held in 1986 on occasion of N.K. Rerikh’s birthday. The festival takes place in Volosovo Town and N.K. Rerikh’s memorial estate.... more

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"Scrap style", festival
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"The wreath of the glory of St. Alexander Nevsky", a festival
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Traditional business and handicraft
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"Wreath of Plussa", an oblast folk art festival
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