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Monastery of St.Basil, the

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The Monastery of St.Basil (the village of Chernavino, the Volkhov district). The Monastery of St.Basil was founded before 1555, the church was devoted to Saint Basil the Great. In the 1580s the monastery was brought in ruins. According to the request of the brethen of the Valaam Monastery, forced to leave their monastery, on 11 July 1618 Tsar Mikhail Fiodorovich allowed to brethern to settle in the Monastery of St.Basil and own its estate. In 1620 the builder Silvester and eight elderly monks and servants lived in the monastery which was exempted from taxes and duties because of the povetry of the Monastery of St.Basil. The new wooden church of the Transfiguration of Christ was built in 1682-1684, the church of St. Basil with a refectory which was built again was consecrated in 1686. In 1687 the monastery was included into Zelenetsky Monastery of the Holy Trinity, in 1764 the Monastery of St.Basil was abolished and transformed in a parish. In 1867 the the wooden church as a historic monument was mooved to Valaam. In January 1871 the new stone church of the Transfiguration of Christ (architects N.M. Grudistov and A.V. Musselius) was consecrated. Since 1935 churches did not work, in 1940 they were closed. The church of St. Basil was partly restored after 1995, the church of the Transfiguration of Christ is empty and come to ruins. The artist V.M. Maksimov was buried in the church cemetery.

Bertash, Aleksandr Vitalyevich

Grudistov, Mikhail Nikolayevich
Maksimov, Vasily Maksimovich
Mikhail Fyodorovich, Tsar
Musselius, Aleksandr Vasilyevich

Leningrad Oblast, the/Volkhov District/Chernavino Village
Topographical landmarks/Valaam Island

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