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The Zelenets Monastery of the Holy Trinity (the railway Station Zelenets, the Volkhov district). It was founded between 1565 and 1570 by Venerable Martiriy, a monk of the Tikhvin Monastery, on Green island among swamps. The first churches , the wooden church of the Holy Triniry and the stone church of the Annunciation, were built under his management for the money of the merchant Feodor Syrkov. In 1601 the church of the Virgin Hodigitria was built for the money of the Tatar Tsarevitch Simeon Bekbulatovich. The church ensemble, survived by the present days, was generally taken shape in 1674-1698 under Metropolitan Cornelius who was a monk of the monastery before. In 1684 the five-domed Cathedral of the Holy Trinity with the church of St. John the Theologian located in the podklet (lower section of a tall building) was consecrated, in 1686 the church of the Annunciation was consecrated. The eight-facet three-storeyed bell tower and cell buidings (built in the 1680s) were survived. The monastery had town residences in Novgorod and Tikhvin posad, it also included the Staraya Ladoga Monastery of St. John, the Staraya Ladoga Monastery of of St. Basil, the Gostinopolye Monastery of the Savior at Nereditsa and the Novgorod Monastery of the Savior at Nereditsa. In the early 18th century the monastery lost its privileged state. In 1771 the monastery was passed from the Novgorod Eparchy to the St. Petersburg Eparchy and settled as the place of exile for church penance. The last extensive repair was done in 1901-1902. The Great Martyr Victor (Ostrovidov) was one of the last superior of the monastery. The monastery was dismantled in 1930, in 1932 churches were closed, the interior decoration was lost. Buildings were used for different targets, until 1976 a psychoneurological hostel was placed there the last. In 1992 the monastery was returned to the eparchy. The bell tower was restored, then the church of the Annunciation was restored and the holy relics of Venerable Marrtiriy and remains of St. Cornelius were moved into the church; a chapel was restored. Hegumen Pachomius (Tregulov) is the superior of the monastery. In 2001 a road from the town of Volkhov to the monastery was done. The town residence of the monastery with the church of the Mother of God ""Consolation of All the Afficted"" is located in St. Petersburg (24 Obukhovskoy Oboroni prospect).

Bertash, Aleksandr Vitalyevich

Kornily (Kosma), metropolitan
Martiry Zelenetsky (Mina Stefanovich), St.
Pakhomy (Rustam Tregulov), father superior
Simeon Bekbulatovich, Tsarevich
Syrkov, Fyodor Dmitriyevich
Victor (Ostrovidov), bishop

Saint-Petersburg City/Obukhovskaya Oborona Prospekt
Leningrad Oblast, the/Volkhov District/Volkhov Town
Leningrad Oblast, the/Volkhov District/Zelenets Village

Токмаков И. Ф. Краткий историко-статистический очерк Троицкого Зеленецкого мужского монастыря в связи с кратким житием Преподобного Мартирия, Зеленецкого чудотворца. М., 1904
Кондратьева Е. В. Ансамбль Зеленецкого монастыря // Андреева Л., Коляда М. И., Кондратьева Е. В. По Ленинградской области. Л., 1978., С.134-164
Крушельницкая Е. В. Мартирий Зеленецкий и основанный им Троицкий монастырь. СПб., 1998., С.134-164

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