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Vvedeno - Oyatsky (Vvedeno-Ostrovsky) Monastery, the

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The Oyat Monastery of the Presentation in the Temple (Vvedeno-Ostrovsky - The Island Monastery of the Presentation in the Temple) (the Railway Station of Oyat, the Lodeynoye Pole district). It is located on left bank in the Oyat River, about 186 kilometres from Saint Peterburg. The monastery name is descended from a hill (""island"") located among the monastery meadows which were flooded by the river at the former times. The monastery was firstly mentioned in the hagiography of Venerable Alexander Svirsky (who was born in 1448). Parents of Alexander Svirsky were peasants of the neighbouring village of Mandera later they took schemamonk. Seven venerable followers of St. Alexander Svirsky were buried there. The Vvedeno-Ostrovsky Monastery was included in the Monastery of St. Alexander Svirsky from the 17th century until 1764. The Vvedeno-Ostrovsky Monastery was brought to ruin more than once by interventions (particularly in 1592 and 1613), wooden buildings suffered from fires. The wooden church of the Theophany (1705) and the church of St. Alexander Svirsky ( 1703) were built during the rule of Peter I. Under hieromonk Cyril in 1814-1817 the Cathedral of the Presentation in the Temple with the Tikhvin chapel, the oldest monastery construction among survived ones until the present days, were built. Under hieromonk Izrail (Andreyev) during 1839-1859 stone cells, a monastery hotel, bell tower were built. After a fire the Cathedral of the Theophany was rebuilt of stone in the New Russian style (1908-1910; architect A.P. Aplaksin). By 1917 the monastery was the fewest in number among other monasteries, ten monks and three novices lived there. After the closing of the monastery in the 1920s buildings were used by a local sovkhoz, in the late 1932 the church of the Presentation in the Temple was closed and soon demolished. Since 1992 a convent was placed there. Until the finishing if the repair of the Cathedral of the Presentation in the Temple public worships were led in the eastern brethen wing. In the cathedral there is the reliquary with parts of holy relics. A chapel was built over holy relics of parents of Venerable Alexander Svirsky in 1994-1995. Another chapel was built over the healing iodine-radon spring in 2005. The monastery owns agricultural lands (about 106 hectares). In St. Petersburg the former city residence of the Kashin Convent of the Presentation of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Temple (53 Bolshoy Sampsoniyevsky prospekt) with the church in the name of the Most Orthodox Saint Anna of Kashin was passed to the Vvedeno-Ostrovsky Monastery and has been restored (1903; architect A.P. Aplaksin).

Bertash, Aleksandr Vitalyevich

Aleksandr Svirsky, St.
Aplaksin, Andrey Petrovich
Israil (Andreyev), archimandrite
Kirill, priest in monastic order
Peter I, Emperor

Saint-Petersburg City/Bolshoy Sampsoniyevsky Prospekt
Leningrad Oblast, the/Lodeynoye Pole District/Mandera Village
Topographical landmarks/Oyat River, the
Leningrad Oblast, the/Lodeynoye Pole District/Oyat Settlement, Railway Station

Берташ Александр, диакон. Введено-Оятский монастырь // Град Духовный. 2004. № 2., С. 36-37
Введено-Оятский женский монастырь. СПб., 2005., С. 36-37

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