Articles / Venetsianov, Aleksey Gavrilovich (1780-1847), an artist

Venetsianov, Aleksey Gavrilovich (1780-1847), an artist

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VENETSIANOV, Aleksey Grigoryevich (1780–1847), artist, teacher. In the period 1803-06 he took lessons in painting from V.L. Borovikovsky in St.Petersburg. In the period 1807-19 he served at the Office of Post Director. In 1811 he became an academician, he was a member of Emperor’s Art Encouragement Society . Up to 1820s Venetsianov painted mostly portraits and made satirical graphic works. In 1819 in his estate Venetsianov opened an Arts School, about 70 students graduated from the school, among them one can find A.V. Tarynov, S.K. Zaryanko, G.V. Soroka. Venetsianov was the father of Russian peasant genre painting (“Shkola Venetsianova” (“Venetsianov’s School”)). In 1830 he acquired a status of a court painter. He often visited A.R. Tomilov in his Uspenskoye estate. In the summer 1810 Venetsianov painted his “Avtoportret” (“Self-portrait”) there. Since 1810s he kept visiting A.N. Olenin’s Priyutino estate, where he painted portraits of the hosts and their guests, in 1826 he painted a portrait of Petr Olenin there.

Kruzhnov, Yuri Nikolayevich

Borovikovsky, Vladimir Lukich
Olenin, Aleksey Nokolayevich
Olenin, Pyotr Alekseyevich
Soroka, Grigory Vasilyevich
Tarynov, Aleksey Vasilyevich
Tomilov, Aleksey Romanovich
Venetsianov, Aleksey Grigoryevich
Zaryanko, Sergey Konstantinovich

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