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Borovikovsky, Vladimir Lukich


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Borovikovsky, Vladimir Lukich (1757-1825), an artist
BOROVIKOVSKY, Vladimir Lukich (1757–1825), painter. He studied painting from his father, started with icon painting. In 1775 he took military service. Since 1788 he lived in St.Petersburg, where came into close contact with G.R. Derzhavin and N.A.... more

Konevets Munastery of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary
The Konevets Monastery of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary (Konevets island, the Priozersk district). It is located in the southern part of the Konevets Island in seven kilometres from the West shore of Ladoga Lake. The monastery was founded in... more

"Priyutino", a literary and art estate-museum
"Priyutino", a literary and arts estate-museum (Vsevolozhsk Town, Priyutino, 1) was fonded on 17 December 1974 in the former estate of A.N. Olenin, the President of the Academy of Arts and the Head of the Imperial Public Library. In 1795... more

The Transfiguration Church (Orlino Village, Gatchina District)
The Transfiguration Church (the Gatchina District, the village of Orlino, 82 Tsentralny (Central) Street). The church in Orlinsky Spassky Pogost was firstly mentioned in 1499. In the 17th century under the Sweden power the church was destroyed. The... more

The church of St. Catherine, the Great Martyr (Murino Village, Vsevolozhsk District)
The church of St. Catherine, the Great Martyr (the Vsevolozhsk District, Murino Village, 21 Kooperativnaya Street). The church was built during 1786-1790 in the estate of Murino of the Counts Vorontsovs in the memory about Countes Ye.A. Vorontsova... more

Uspenskoye, a country estate
Uspenskoye, a country estate (the village of Staraya Ladoga, Volkhovsky prospect, 19). The estate was created by the brothers Melgunovs in the 18th century not far from the Staraya Ladoga fortress on the River Volkhov bank. In the estate there was a... more

Venetsianov, Aleksey Gavrilovich (1780-1847), an artist
VENETSIANOV, Aleksey Grigoryevich (1780–1847), artist, teacher. In the period 1803-06 he took lessons in painting from V.L. Borovikovsky in St.Petersburg. In the period 1807-19 he served at the Office of Post Director. In 1811 he became an... more