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The Sabsk Museum of the Local History (the village of Bolshy Sabsk, the Volosovo district) was founded on 11 November 1981. It got the status of the people's museum in 1991. The museum is placed at the Community Centre. Exhibits told about the battles at the Lyga defence line in 1941, including the diorama of the battle at the River Luga, are collected in two museum halls. Also the materials on the history of the district from the 15th century are presented in the museum. The museum collaborats with search detachments of the Leningrad Oblast, the youth organization "The New Wave". Every year great events are held on the day of the Luga offensive beginning (14 July). About 600 people visite the museum every year.

Karpenko, Irina Aleksandrovna

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"Novaya volna" ("The New Wave"), a youth union

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