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Bolshaya Vruda, village

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BOLSHAYA VRUDA, a village in Volosovo District. Population: 2,100. It situated in the upper reaches of the Vruda River (right-hand tributary of the Luga), on the Volosovo-Opolye Highway south-west of Vruda railway station of the Gatchina-Ivangorod branch. The toponym Vruda originates from “vrutets” (Old Russian) = “spring”. It is mentioned in Novgorod’s 1499/1500 scribe roll as the center of the Vruda Pogost of the Mother of God. A burial mound dated 12th – 14th cc. has been found in the southern outskirts of B. V. (see Cult Stones.) The village has the Church of the Assumption of the Mother of God. It has a library and a school of music. Since 2002, a district basketball event in memory of D. Mardilovich has been annually held in its secondary school. D. Mardilovich was born in B. V., he was killed in action in Chechnya in 2000 and posthumously decorated with the Order of Virtue (memorial plaque on the school’s building.) The head office/estate of JSC Syaglitsy is located in B. V.

Chistyakov, Anton Yuryevich

Mardilovich, Dmitry

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