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The museum-estate of N.K. Roerich

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The museum-estate of N.K. Roerich (the Volosovo District, the village of Izvara), a branch of "The Museum Agency". It was founded in the former estate of N.K. Roerich's parents in 1984. The first 26 years of the artist's life are connected with the estate Izvara. On present days eight exposition halls open at the survived estate mansion. They include the restored lounge, dining room and N.K. Roerich's room where his pictures "Vecher bogatyrstva kiyevskogo" ("Evening of Kiev Warrior Heroes", 1896), "Paporotniki" ("Ferns", the 1890s), autographes, personal things, memorial furniture are presented. In the attic storey there is the document exposition "N.K. Roerich in Izvara". Besides the mansion nine estate constructions and the territory of the estate (59 hectares) belong to the museum. The museum funds include about 8 thousand items. The museum constantly holds theme and arts exhibitions, festivals devoted to Roerich's birthday, festivals of children's works "Children to children", traditional soirees in the museum lounge "The Christmas Star's Light Never Fade". The museum is visited by about 22 thousand visitors per year. An art school works on the basis of the museum. Between 1989-1992 the museum published "Roerich Bulletin", in the 1990s - the series "Pisma N.K. Rerikha" ("Letters of N.K. Roerich", issues 1-4).

Margolis, Aleksandr Davidovich

Roerich, Nikolay Konstantinovich

Leningrad Oblast, the/Volosovo District/Izvara Village

Туристский путеводитель по Ленинградской области. СПб., 2003., С.102
Leningrad (St.Petersburg) Region Museums || Музеи Ленинградской области. URL:, С.102
Мироненко Е. «Во имя жизни на Земле» // Область культуры. 2004. № 11., С. 23-25

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"Children To Children", children creativity festival
Izvara, a country estate
"The Light of the Nativity Star does not Fade", events at the Roerich Museum
Tikhvin children art school

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