Articles / "Colour and Sound of the Roerich Power", an oblast festival-competition

"Colour and Sound of the Roerich Power", an oblast festival-competition

Subject / Art/Festivals, holidays, shows

“TSVET I ZVUK DERZHAVY N.K. RERIKHA” (“COLOUR AND SOUND OF N.K. RERIKH’S EMPIRE”), oblast festival-contest. It was first held in 1986 on occasion of N.K. Rerikh’s birthday. The festival takes place in Volosovo Town and N.K. Rerikh’s memorial estate. It is aimed at drawing attention to N.K. Rerikh’s heritage, youth’s acquaintance with the best samples of the world art, musical and choreographic classics, finding and giving support to young artists, musicians, dancers and their teachers. Among the sponsors of the contest are the Leningrad Oblast Education and Methodology Centre of Culture and Arts, Volosovo School of Arts named after N.K. Rerikh. On the first day of the festival an exhibition of young artists’ paintings and graphics is held, on the second day – a contest of the students of musical schools and schools of arts, a contest of dancing groups. The festival framework includes scientific and practical conferences of science and culture workers. Street festivities and concerts are held. Guests from St.Petersburg, representatives from Indian and Swedish Ambassadors, members of Rerikh Associations, schoolchildren, university students and teachers, creative groups take part in the festival.

Voitsekhovich, Lyudmila Nikolayevna

Roerich, Nikolay Konstantinovich

Leningrad Oblast, the/Volosovo District/Volosovo Town

Виноградова В.А. Областной фестиваль-конкурс «Цвет и звук державы Н.К.Рёриха» // Информационный сборник ЛОУМЦКиИ. 2001. № 11., 27-29
Соловьева Е.Н. «Смотри на мир глазом добрым» // Информационный сборник ЛОУМЦКиИ. 2002. № 11., 10-11

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Learning - Methodical Centre of Culture and Art of the Leningrad Oblast
The museum-estate of N.K. Roerich
Volosovo Roerich Children Art School

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