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Ropsha, settlement

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ROPSHA, a village in Lomonosov District. Population: 847. Located on the Ropsha Heights near the Strelka River, at the crossing of the Kipen-Strelna highway and Dyatlitsi-Krasnoye Selo. The toponym originates from Novgorod’s name Khrap or Khrapsha. R. is mentioned in Novgorod’s scribe roll of 1499/1500. From the 17th century it was a Swedish farmstead. The building of the Orthodox church converted from a Lutheran church is extant (as a ruin) (see Annunciation Church.) In the early 18th c., water from underground sources in R. was supplied to Peterhof’s fountains; there were also springs famous for their wholesome water. In 1714, Peter I donated the R. estate to Prince F. Y. Romodanovsky. Later, the Ropsha estate was confiscated and turned into a Royal residence (see Ropsha palace and park ensemble.) In 1787-89, a paper mill was built in R. (currently, its building accommodates the Ropsha Federal Selection and Genetic Center for Fish Breeding.) In way of R. there were battles during the Civil War in 1919, and in 1944, in the course of the operation to remove the siege of Leningrad. In memory of those events, the monument “Tank”, monument to liberator warriors, and memorial plaque on the mill building were installed. Since 1993, Kovcheg LLC, a farm breeding Arabian and Latvian stock horses, has been operating in R.; on its basis, horse races and equestrian shows are produced. The settlement has a library. In 2006, activities started in R. to set up a New Year Tree Museum. In 2004, the settlement was included in the program “Revival, construction, reconstruction, and restoration of Russia’s minor and medium historic towns and cities under the economic reform conditions.”

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Chistyakov, Anton Yuryevich

Peter I, Emperor
Romodanovsky, Fyodor Yuryevich, Prince

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