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"Dontso", an terrain area

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"Dontso", an terrain feature. It is located in the Volosov District in the territory of the region complex natural monument “Istoki reki Oredeg v urochihe Dontso” (The source of the River Oredezh in the terrain feature of Dontso). This natural monument was founded in 1976 and its area is 18 square kilometers. The natural monument includes the Dontso lake (Kurlevskiy quarry), the springs which give the source of the River Oredezh. The lime soils are the feature of the terrain feature of Dontso . The alvars are come across in this place only in Leningrad region (the alvar is the steppe meadows on the limestone soils). The flora of this area is very rich (up to 80 species of the herbaceous plants). It is composed of the 4 species of plants that entered in the Red Book of Russia and 38 species of the plants which are protected in the Leningrad Oblast. There are the fir-greens, the birch forest, the grey alder forest. There are rare species of birds of the meadow fauna on the territory of the tract: quail, corncrake and gray partridge, short-eared owl, Hen Harrier, etc. At the head of River Oredezh there is the spawning area of the stream trout.

Tripolskaya, Anna Aleksandrovna

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Памятник природы «Истоки реки Оредеж в урочище Донцо». URL:

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