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"Domovushka", a folk art studio

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“DOMOVUSHKA”, folk studio (25, Lenina av., Lodeynoye Pole Town). Children’s folk studio of applied arts has been working since 1995 at Municipal Culture Institution “Park Svirskoy Pobedy ” (“Park of Victory at Svir Settlement”). The studio is aimed at revival of Russian culture, it teaches old crafts (including embroidery, crocheting, beadwork, patchwork) and also making dolls and clay toys. The main working area is making Russian folk costume and North-West of Russia folk costume (Karelian, Veps). About 60 students study at the studio: group “Biserinka” (“Small Bead”) – children aged 8-10, groups “Bereginya”, “Zhuravushka” (“Lovely Crane”), “Liubava” – children aged 11-14. The studio teachers and students have held more than 80 exhibitions, including “Marafon Detstva” (“Childhood Marathon”) (1997), “Mir Moikh Uvlecheny” (“The World of My Hobbies”) (1998), fashion contests for children and teenagers, etc. The studio is a participant and prize-winner of Russian and foreign contests (including contests in France, Italy, Norway), exhibitions and also festivities dedicated to Pushkin’s 200th birthday in Mikhailovskoye Village. The studio acquired a status “public group” for winning the first prize at the exhibition-contest “Mir Glazamy Detey” (“The World in the Eyes of Children”). The studio leader is N.M. Gromak.

Bazarova, Irina Aleksndrovna

Gromak, Nadezhda Mikhaylovna
Pushkin, Aleksandr Sergeyevich

Leningrad Oblast, the/Lodeynoye Pole District/Lodeynoye Pole Town/Lenin Prospekt

Королева И. Дом охраняет домовой, а нас – домовушка. URL:,

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