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Volosovo Roerich Children Art School

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VOLOSOVO TOWN ARTS SCHOOL NAMED AFTER N.K. RERIKH (10/5, Krasnykh Partizan str., Volosovo Town). It was founded in 1998 uniting Children’s Music School and Children’s Arts School named after N.K. Rerikh. The headmistress is I.V. Fedorova. The School has several departments: music department (classes of the violin, the button accordion, the accordion, the domra, the piano), choreography department and arts department (painting, modeling, design). The School houses a paid preparatory department where children aged 4-6 can get musical education, develop creative and dancing skills. In 2006 the School opened summer creativity workshops . It has a concert hall for 150 spectators and an exhibition hall, this fact allows the School to hold regional festivals, contests, concerts and exhibitions. Annually the School holds a music and arts children's festival-contest “Tsvet I Zvuk Derzhavy Rerikha” (“Colour and Sound of Rerikh’s Empire“) (for the arts schools students from the Leningrad Oblast and St.Petersburg). The festival program includes visiting N.K. Rerikh’s estate-museum in Izvara Village.

Osipov, Oleg Vasilyevich

Fyodorova, Irina Valentinovna

Leningrad Oblast, the/Volosovo District/Volosovo Town/Krasnye Partizani Street

Федорова И.В. Школа искусств встречает первоклассников // Область культуры, 2003, № 9., 37
Найденок Л. Красотою живем. URL:,
Конкурс «Цвет и звук Державы Рериха». URL:,

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"Colour and Sound of the Roerich Power", an oblast festival-competition
Izvara, a country estate

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