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Ryzhova, Irina Petrovna

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Façade carving
FAÇADE CARVING. With the development of peasant woden architecture, woodcarving also developed. Carving was used for decoration of spouts under the roof. Carving (at first blind carving, in the end of the XIX c. – carving with holes) was also used... more

"The wreath of the glory of St. Alexander Nevsky", a festival
“VENOK SLAVY ALEKSANDRA NEVSKOGO” (“ALEXANDER NEVSKY’S WREATH OF GLORY”), oblast festival in honour of 750th anniversary of Nevskaya Battle in the mouth of the Izhora River (modern Kolpino Dictrict of St.Petersburg). It was first held on... more

Zakhozhskoye lace
ZAKHOZHSKOYE LACE, bobbin lace, composing a special group of Russian decorative lace. Historically formed name "Zakhonskoye" is connected with locality Zakhonye, which in the end of the XIXc. united several settlements of Gorodishche Volost,... more