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Zakharov, Yuri Pavlovich

Cultural specialist

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Lodeinoye Pole People Comedy Theatre
LODEYNOYE POLE POPULAR COMEDY THEATRE (1, Uritskogo st., Lodeynoye Pole Town, Amateur and Folk Arts House named after Y.P. Zakharov). It was founded in 1961 on K.V. Piotrovskaya’s initiative. This year the theatre acquired a status “narodny... more

Folk art centres
CENTRES OF SOCIAL AND CULTURAL ACTIVITIES, state culture institutions, organizational and methodical centres of amateur and folk art and clubs. There are three such kind culture institutions in the Leningrad Oblast: 1) Centre of Social and... more

"North Pattern", the Song and Dancing Ensemble
“SEVERNYE UZORY” (“NORTHERN PATTERNS”), folk song and dance company (1, Uritsky av., Lodeynoye Pole Town). It was founded in 1970. From 1980 a creative director is Y.P. Zakharov. The repertoire of the company includes Russian folk songs, round... more