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Lodeinoye Pole People Comedy Theatre

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LODEYNOYE POLE POPULAR COMEDY THEATRE (1, Uritskogo st., Lodeynoye Pole Town, Amateur and Folk Arts House named after Y.P. Zakharov). It was founded in 1961 on K.V. Piotrovskaya’s initiative. This year the theatre acquired a status “narodny kollektiv” (“popular group”). The staff consists of people of different ages and specialities. The theatre reached its golden age under the guidance of N. Tukhkina and V. Brodyansky. Among the best performances are: plays based on the works written by A.N. Ostrovsky, V.M. Shukshin, V. Anpilov, Y. Sotnik. Since 1990 the theatre creative director has been B.P. Utkin. Several times the theatre has become a prize-winner of the oblast festival “Teatralnaya Vesna” (“Theatre Spring”): it was awarded a prize “Luchshy Spektakl” (“The Best Performance”) in 1990 for the play “Tak Pogib Gusks” (“As Guska Died”) based on M. Kulish’s play, in 1992 it was awarded a prize for a stage version of D.T. Lensky’s vaudeville “Maskarad v Letnem Klube” (“Masquerade in a Summer Club”); in 1994 it was awarded a prize “Za Mnogoletny Eksperiment v Komediynom Zhanre”(“For a Long Lasting Experiment in a Comedy Genre”), in 1998 it was awarded a prize “Za Yarkoye Voplosheniye Mirovoy Klassiky” (“For the Brilliant Performance of the World Classic”) for performance “Mnimy Bolnoy” (“Shammer of Illness”) based on J.B. Moliere’s play, etc. During the festival, held in 2006, the theatre got 5 prizes (2 for stage direction and genre development and 3 for the best acting).

Illarionova, Irina Nikolayevna

Anpilov, Nikolay
Brodyansky, Vladimir Yanovich
Kulish, M.
Lensky, Dmitry Timofeyevich (the real name was Vorobyev)
Moliere, Jean-Baptiste
Ostrovsky, Aleksandr Nikolayevich
Piatrovskaya, Klavdiya Vasilyevna
Shukshin, Vasily Makarovich
Sotnik, Yuri
Tukhkina, Nadezhda Sergeyevna
Utkin, Boris Pavlovich
Zakharov, Yuri Pavlovich

Leningrad Oblast, the/Lodeynoye Pole District/Lodeynoye Pole Town/Uritsky Street

Информационный сборник ЛОУМЦКиИ. 2002. № 1., 41

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Lodeinoye Pole House of People Creativity named after Y.P. Zakharov
"The Theatre spring", an oblast festival

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