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Krakau, George Alexandr (Aleksandr Ivanovich)


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Country estates. In the early 20th century on the territory of the modern Leningrad Oblast there were 2000 country estates. Mainly they appeared at one time with St. Petersburg. There were not many "Family nests" that belonged to one family and... more

Krakau, Aleksandr Ivanovich (1817 - 1888), an architect
Aleksandr Ivanovich Krakau (1817 - 1888), an architect, artist. During 1826-1839 he learned in the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. K.A. Ton was his teacher. During 1843-1850 A.I. Krakau studied the Renaissance architecture in Italy. In 1850 A.I.... more

Kramorskaya, a country estate
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The Church of the Holy Trinity (Ivangorod Town)
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