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SCHLÜSSELBURG (Petrokrepost in 1944-92), a town in Kirovsk District. In 1996–2005, a separate municipal entity. Population: 12,400. Located at the head of the Neva River, on its left bank. S. is connected by bus service to Kirovsk and St. Petersburg. The nearest railway station, Petrokrepost, is on the right bank of the Neva; in the navigation period, passenger service is provided by a motor vessel and private boats. The beginning of S. was fortress Oreshek, built by the Novgorod people in 1323 (the Oreshek peace treaty was signed there in 1323, which demarcated the Russian-Swedish border in the Karelian Isthmus.) In the Swedish period, Oreshek renamed Noteburg (Nut Town) was the center of Noteburg fief of Ingermanlandia. In 1702 Oreshek was won back by Peter I, renamed Schlüsselburg (‘Key Town’), and got the status of a town. In 1780, S. became an uyezd center of St. Petersburg Gubernia. In 1784, the first master plan for S. was developed, providing for regular town planning. During WW2, in 1941-1943, S. was occupied by the enemy and suffered much from the hostilities (the Oreshek fortress remained under control of Soviet troops.) In January 1943, the siege of Leningrad was broken near S. In 1763, a cotton-printing factory was founded in S., later called Schlüsselburg textile mill, which operated until 1941. Currently S. is a center of shipbuilding and shiprepair industry. Located in the town are the Nevsky shipbuilding and shiprepair yards, Nordstroy pilot shipyards, Okhtinskaya shipyard (construction and repair of yachts and boats under 100 tons in displacement.) Volna garment factory operates. The Ladoga Canals begin at S. The granite embankment, four-chamber lock (1836) and Petrovsky Bridge on pillars (1824-32) still exist at the outlet to the Neva; the Humpback Bridge over the Malonevsky Canal was built in 1839-41, via which the Archangel Road extended in the 19th century. The rebuilding of the Ladoga Canal locks in the 1820s is depicted in prints by artist K. P. Beggrow. The religious architecture monuments of S. are the Cathedral of the Annunciation of the Virgin (and the chapel belonging to it in honor of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God at the eastern facade of the cathedral), the Church of St. Nicholas , and the Cathedral of the Birth of St. John the Precursor within Oreshek Fortress. In 1909-10, a stone Roman Catholic church of the Exaltation of the Cross was built in S. (closed in the 1930s, demolished in 1978). In 1957, a monument to Peter I was erected in a park near the wharf ( according to a model by sculptor M. M. Antokolsky.) There are Schlüsselburg town library, Mueseum of Schlüsselburg Town History, Leningrad Oblast Naval Lyceum, children’s school of arts, “Nevsky entertainment and sporting complex with a concert hall and a children’s school of music in its building. The fortress contains the “Oreshek Fortress of Schlüsselburg” museum. The “Nevsky Istok” newspaper is published.
See Schlüsselburg Town: Arms, Schlüsselburg: Fortress.

Chistyakov, Anton Yuryevich

Antokolsky, Mark Matveyevich
Beggrov, Karl Petrovich
Peter I, Emperor

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Schlusselburg children music school
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