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Tosna River, the

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TOSNA, river, left-hand tributary of the Neva. It flows in Luga, Tosno, and Kirovsk Districts of Leningrad Oblast and in St. Petersburg. Length: 121 km. Catchment area: 1640 sq. km. Flow rate: 11.6 cu. m/s. The source is in Luga District, 5 km north-west of Poddubye village. The main tributaries are Yeglinka, Kastenka, Lustovka, and Sablinka. The name originates from the Slav word “tsn” = narrow. The valley of T. has outcrops of Lower Paleozoic rocks. The most known ones are the so-called “21 outcrops” on the left bank of T., at its confluence with the Sablinka; a picture by A. V. Tyranov exists depicting that location (“A View of the Tosna River near Nikolskoye Village”, 1827). Located in the canyon of T. and in the valley of the Sablinka are the Sablino Caves. Students of the St. Petersburg State University departments of geology, soils and geography have had their practical training on T. and in its environs since the 1920s (the training base is on the Sablinka.) Located on T. are the towns of Tosno and Nikolskoye, Ulyanovka urban settlement, Ushaki settlement, and Maryino and Pustynka estates. Near Ulyanovka there is the Tosna (Gertovsky) Waterfall.

Chistyakov, Anton Yuryevich

Tarynov, Aleksey Vasilyevich

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