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Maryino, a country estate

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Maryino, a country estate (close to the village if Andrianovo, the Tosno district). In the late 18th century the estate was owned by Count A.S. Stroganov, under him a two-storied stone house was built on the River Tosno right bank. Dyring 1813-1819 the house was rebuilt by Countess S.V. Stroganova. At the same time the estate was named Maryino - in the memory of M.Ya. Stroganovo, the first owner of the estate since 1726. The first version of the project of the rebuilding was developed presumably by A.N. Voronikhin, the building was conducted by the architect I.F. Kolodin. The old mansion was overbuilt, the front interiors were richly decorated with modelling and wall-painting. The big library (24000 books) and picture-gallery was placed in the estate. Maryino park was laid in the style and traditions of the Russian landscape parks of the late 18th - the early 19th century. During 1825-1845 P.S. Sadovnikov was reconstructing the estate. He in the co-designership with I.F. Kolodin built the Church of St. Trinity. After 1917 a museum was places in the estate during some time. In 1930 all issues were gone into GRM (the State Russian Museum) and other museums. In world War II a part of mansion was blown up. Restoration works were kept during 1959-1965 (according to the project by M.A. Sementovskaya). At the present time the mansion has been restored by the holder, the surrounding territory is being developed.

Chekanova, Olga Aleksandrovna

Kolodin, Ivan Fyodorovich
Sadovnikov, Pyotr Semyonovich
Sementovskaya, Maryana Avenirovna
Stroganov, Aleksandr Sergeyevich, Count
Stroganova, Maria Yakovlevna
Stroganova, Sophia Vladimirovna, Countess
Voronikhin, Andrey Nikiforovich

Leningrad Oblast, the/Tosno District/Andrianovo Village
Topographical landmarks/Tosna River, the

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The Church of the Holy Trinity (Andrianovo Village, Tosno District)

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