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"Rozhdestveno", a museum-estate of V.V. Nabokov

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"Rozhdestveno", a museum-estate of V.V. Nabokov (Rozhdestveno Village, the Gatchina District). The first local-history exhibition, made at the Rozhdestveno rural library in 1957, was devoted to the past and present of Rozhdestveno Village. In 1959 the Museum of the V.I. Lenin kolkhoz was founded on the first exhibition basis. The renewed exposition was placed in the rooms of the estate wooden mansion of the classicism epoch (see the article: Rozhdestveno, the estate) in 1974. In 1992 the hall of Nabokov was opened in the estate. Photographs from the Rukavishnikovs-Nabokovs family's albums , original things from the eatate of Vyra (see the article: Vyra, the estate) are presented on the exposition in the Nabokov's hall. The mansion was hard suffered from the fire in April of 1995. The exhibition "From Pushkin to Nabokov" was opened in 1999. The complex restoration of the memorial mansion has been continued under the leading of the architect A.A. Semochkin, the Head of the museum. There are plans to reconstruct the estate infrastructure of Rozhdestveno and open the historical exposition shown the everyday life of the nobility from the late 19th to the early 20th century. From 1988 "Noabokov readings" are held in the museum.

Margolis, Aleksandr Davidovich

Nabokov, Vladimir Vladimirovich
Nabokovs, the
Rukavishnikovs, the
Semochkin, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich

Leningrad Oblast, the/Gatchina District/Rozhdestveno Village

Набоковский вестник. Вып.3. СПб., 1999
Семочкин А. Тень русской ветки (Набоковская Выра). 2002.
Туристский путеводитель по Ленинградской области. СПб., 2003., С.103-104
Музей-усадьба "Рождествено". URL:, С.103-104

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Rozhdestveno Rural Library, the
Rozhdestveno, a country estate
Vyra, a country estate

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