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SOSNOVY BOR, a town in Leningrad Oblast. Population: 66,100. It is located on the shore of the Koporye Bay of the Gulf of Finland, in the mouth of the Kovasha River, near Kalische Railway Station (St. Petersburg-Ust-Luga line.) The town was built on sandy dunes with pine woods growing on them (hence its name.) It was founded in 1958 as a workers’ settlement within Lomonosov District. In 1973, after the startup of the first stage of the town’s backbone enterprise Leningrad Nuclear Powerplant [LNPP] (construction completed in 1981; currently a branch of the Rosenergoatom concern), it got the status of an oblast-subordinated town. S. B. has several research institutes, and branches of St. Petersburg Institute of Nuclear Energy (SPBGTU), St. Petersburg University of Aerospace Instrumentation, St. Petersburg Institute of Machine Building, and North-Western Academy of Public Administration. The town has a Palace of Culture, " Art Carousel" culture center, recreation and entertainment park, "Magic Lantern" theatre center, dancing center, Museum of Naval Glory, Sosnovy Bor museum of modern arts, children’s school of arts, children’s school of music, “Baltika” Sosnovy Bor choral music school, LNPP club, and a puppet theater. The town’s libraries are united into a centralized library system (see Sosnovy Bor central town library.) 10 newspapers are published, among which are “Tera-press”, “Mayak”, and “Sosnovoborsky Stroitel,” and Tera-Studio TV and radio company broadcasts. In 1980, for the 175th anniversary of H. C. Andersen’s birthday, a children’s playground titled “Andersengrad” was opened in S. B.; on its basis, various holidays are celebrated that have developed into oblast-level festivals: the children’s holiday “Meet You in Andersengrad”, “Crystal Spring” festival of children’s stage talents, “The Baltic Coast” rock music festival for youth. The “Sosnovy Bor Mosaic” festival of decorative / applied and creative art, and several others are also held. In 1990, the Orthodox parish of the Church of the Icon of the Mother of Gog of the Burning Bush was registered. Initially, the religious services were in Ruchyi village, in a house donated by a parishioner; since 1995, in a prayer house in S. B. A stone church is under construction.
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Chistyakov, Anton Yuryevich

Andersen, Hans Christian

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