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Lebyazhye, urban settlement

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LEBYAZHYE, an urban settlement in Lomonosov District. Population: 5,600. It is situated on the south coast of the Gulf of Finland, where the Lebyazhka River flows into the gulf. It was established in 1966 by integrating the villages of Lotsmanskoye Seleniye, Old and New Krasnaya Gorkas, Bolshiye and Maliye Borki, Krasnoflotsk, Petrovsky Khutor, and Rigolovo. According to Novgorod’s 1500 scribe roll, a village of Karkilo (Kargila) was in the place of today’s L. In 1712, B. P. Sheremetiev’s farmstead named Lebyazhye was built. In the mid-19th c., the farmstead was divided into several estates (writer M. Y. Saltykov-Schedrin was one of the owners from 1878.) In 1865, a settlement of Kronshtadt pilots was founded close to L., of which abt. 40 houses of old construction have survived, and the Church of St. Nicholas. In the early 20th century, writer V. V. Bianchi spent his summers there. In 1909, a railway line was laid across L., which connected Oranienbaum to the Krasnaya Gorka and Seraya Loshad forts. L. has a school of music, a culture center sponsoring the club “House of Trades”, a library (offering event devoted to the writer Bianki ), and a private Museum of Slavic Nations (5 Primorskaya Street; Director P. I. Duboisky.) The “Lotsmanskoye Seleniye” historical and cultural foundation is active. In 2003, the monument “To the Leningrad Sky Defenders.” In 1994, the “Lebyazhye” water moor reserve of international importance was established to preserve a large stopover site of waterfowl in their spring flight (area: 6400 hectares.)

Chistyakov, Anton Yuryevich
Chekanova, Olga Aleksandrovna

Bianki, Vitaly Valentinovich
Dubovsky, Pyotr Ivanovich
Saltykov-Shchedrin , Mikhail Yevgrafovich (the real name was Saltykov)
Sheremetev, Boris Petrovich, Count

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Того В. Лоцманское селение. СПб., 1999
Лебяжье. Неофициальный виртуальный музей поселка. URL:
Ливеровский А. Тихий берег Лебяжьего. Л., 1984

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