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Taitsi, a country estate

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Taitsi, a country estate (the urban settlement of Taitsi, the Gatchina district). In 1712 Peter I granted the estate to Admiral I.M. Golovin. His sons divided the inheritance in two parts, in 1767 they sold Maliye Taitsi to A.P. Gannibal and in 1772 Bolshiye Taitsi was sold to A.G. Demidov. Demidov created the main country seat in the estate. The estate ensemble was created on the project of the architect I.Ye. Starov in 1774-78. The mansion located close to the Demidov springs was built in the classicism style. The high plinth, outside granite stairs the drum with belvedere crowned the mansion gave the monumental look to it. The Dutch style garden was laid out nearby the palace. In the early 1780s the artificial water system was made in the estate park. For doing the water system Demidov changed from the village of Pevgelevo to water-bearing plot with springs that was belonged to A.P. Gannibal. According to the project of the engineer F.V. Bour the Demidov and Gannibal springs were connected with a canal, an artificial lake was made, canals were built. The water system divided the into three zones: the regular zone in the north, the landscape zone in the canal branch and the parterre zone near the palace. The regular part was laid with path system. In the park centre there was the Temple of the Sun, the Ionic order rotunda covered with a cupola (it is not intacted). In the landscape part of the park green woodlands, open lawns, canals were naturally connected with numerous park constructions - arbours, pavilions, small bridges, gates built in the Romanesque, Moorish, Turkish, Gothic style. A.G. Demidov's heirs changed nothing in the estate. In the 19th century the park and the palace were indivisible ensemble. In 1862 the estate was passed to the State Treasury for paying debts and it was called Tsar's estate. In 1897 the estate was passed to the Russian Doctors Society for organising the first Russian sanatorium for consumptives. At the Soviet period in Taitsi there was A holiday home. In the 1990s the estate was neglected. The park composition is lost, the palace, Gothic gate and service building are intacted.

Karpenko, Irina Aleksandrovna

Bour, Friedrich Wilhelm
Demidov, Aleksandr Grigoryevich
Golovin, Ivan Mikhailovich
Hannibal, Abraham (Ibrahim) Petrovich
Paul I, Emperor
Starov, Ivan Yegorovich

Leningrad Oblast, the/Gatchina District/Taytsi Urban Settlement

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