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Luga River, the

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LUGA, river. It flows in Novgorod Oblast and in Luga, Volosovo, and Kingisepp Districts of Leningrad Oblast. Length: 353 km (the longest river in Leningrad Oblast.) Catchment area: 13,200 sq. km. Flow rate: 100 cu. m / s. Its width is 50-100 m in the middle reach, and up to 500 m near the mouth. The toponym is of a Baltic Finnish origin (Estonian “laugas” = cavity, pit, hole.) It flows out of the Tyosovo-Netylsky Marsh (Novgorod Oblast) and it flows into the Gulf of Finland (the Luga Bay.) The main tributaries of L. are Oredezh, Yaschera, Lemovzha, Saba, Vruda, Rosson (river connecting L. to Narova, with alternating direction of stream.) The towns of Luga and Kingisepp, and Tolmachovo urban settlement are situated on L. The Luga is navigable in some portions, the longest one being from Tolmachovo to Khilok village (Volosovo District.) In the Middle Ages it was an important traffic route connecting Novgorod’s lands to the Baltic Sea. In the 18th and 19th cc. on the banks of L. (especially in the lower reach) e numerous estates of nobility (such as Novopyatnitskoye, Marienhof, Sala, Preobrazhenskaya.) were situated. In July and August 1941, there was a line of defense along L., and the battles at these places delayed the German troops preventing them to approach Leningrad by the target date. The Kingisepp hydro powerplant is situated on L. Port facilities are under construction in the mouth of L. and on the shores of the Luga Bay.

Chistyakov, Anton Yuryevich

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