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Museums are the institutions collecting, saving, studing, exhibiting and popularizing the memorials of history, culture and nature. There are natural science museums, art museums, literature museums, memorial museums, theme museums, museums of history, general museums including museums of local lore and museums - reserves. The museum status is determined with the nature of funds and their belonging to. Museums can be All-Russian and local (oblast, republic, okrug, district, city, rural), state, municipal, departmental and private. The arts collections that had been formed in palaces and estates in the 18th-19th centures can be rated among the first museum collections on the territory of the Leningrad Oblast. From the early 20th century civic organizations for studing popularizating and saving the historical heritage are established in several uyezd centres. The museums are established on their base. The Tikhvin Museum of Antiquities (see the article: Tikhvin Historical and Memorial, Architectural and Art Museum) was established one of the first as a result of the work of the Tikhvin department of the Novgorod Antiquity Lovers Society founded in 1913. At the same time the purposeful and coordinated work on establishing museums did not realize in the region. The local history study upsurge in the 1920s did not increase the number of museums in the region. In the 1930s the museum work became the ideological instrument more and more. In the Vyborg Gubernia the establishing of museums started at the border of the 19th-20th centuries. The ethnographic museum in Keksgolm (Priozersk Town) was founded in 1894 according to the initiative of T. Swindt. In 1895 the historic and ethnographic museum ( Museum Wiburgense) was founded in the building of the former town council in Vyborg Town. In 1911 the military museum named after Peter I was founded in the Vyborg Castle. In 1930 the Vyborg Arts Gallery was placed in the specially built building according to the project of the architect U. Ulberg (1, Luzhskaya Street). Exhibits of those museums were partly evacuated into Finland in 1940, a part of exhibits were perished during battles. Many museum collections were lost during the Great Patriotic War. The interest in the local history and history past has been arised in the 1960s, it leads to establishing school museums on which base a number of district and town museums was established later. In that way the Tikhvin Museum, destroyed during the war, was restored. In 1977 the united museum network heading by the Leningad Oblast Museum Board (from 1998 - "The Museum Agency") has been formed. The network includes 29 most large museums of the oblast. Among them there are museums of local lore, history and economy; museums of military history; architectural and arts museums, memorial museums. In the 1990s employees of museums were joined in the Union of Museum Workers of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Oblast. From May of 1999 the organization has published the newspaper "Vse muzei" ("All Museums"). Except the centralized museum network in the Leningrad Oblast there are more then 20 municipal museums, museums established on the basis of enterprises, educational and social establishments (libraries, community centres, clubs, culture centres). Some of them have the status of people's museums. From 1990s private museums were organised such as the museum of Vodka in Verkhniye Mandrogi and the ethnographic museum "Vepsoiden pert" ("Veps House") named after T.V. Stanyukovich in the group of Veps villages with the name of "Ladva".

Yegorov, Sergey Borisovich

Schwindt, Theodor
Ulberg, Uno Werner

Leningrad Oblast, the/Podporozhye District/Ladva Village
Leningrad Oblast, the/Podporozhye District/Ladva Village
Leningrad Oblast, the/Vyborg District/Vyborg Town/Luzhskaya Street
Leningrad Oblast, the/Priozersk District/Priozersk Town
Leningrad Oblast, the/Podporozhye District/Verkhniye Mandrogi Village

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History and Ethnography Museum, the (Museum Wiburgense) (the town of Vyborg)
Museum of Vodka, the
Peter I Military Museum in the Vyborg Castle, the
School museums
"The Museum Agency", a State Culture institution
The Tikhvin Historical, Memorial, Architectural and Arts Museum, the
Tikhvin Branch of the Novgorod Society of Antiquities Lovers, the
Tikhvin Museum of Antiquity, the
"Veps Log Hut", a private ethnographic museum