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Tikhvin Branch of the Novgorod Society of Antiquities Lovers, the

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The Tikhvin Branch of the Novgorod Society of Antiquities Lovers (NOLD). It was found according to the initiative of I.P. Mordvinov in 1913 in Tikhvin Town as the branch of NOLD which worked from 1894 to 1904 and from 1908 to 1929. S.A. Tsvylyev was elected the Chairman, Mordvinov was elected as the Secretary. About 50 people were members of the branch by the end of 1913. The historic library with the section of books about Tikhvin was found at the society, the data for "The Tikhvin Encyclopaedia" and "The Tikhvin Necropolis" were coolected, lectures on the district history were given. The Tikhvin Branch of the Novgorod Society of Antiquities Lovers (NOLD) organized the celebration of the three-hundredth anniversary of the raising the Swede siege of Tikhvin in 1913. The publication of the local history magazine began from 1914 (three issues were published). The Society members organized collecting materials and antique things which became the base of the Tikhvin Museum of Antiquities. The work on the geological, archaeological and ethnographical research of the Tikhvin uyezd has been begun from 1915. At the same time V.I. Ravdonikas became a member of the society. During the revolution of 1917 and the years after the revolution the society made the activities on the protection of the culture heritage of the district. The Tikhvin Society of the Local Land Study which included more then 200 people (a half of them were teachers) became the successor of the activity of the Tikhvin Branch of the Novgorod Society of Antiquities Lovers (NOLD) between the late 1923 and the early 1924. The Society work was carried out on fee and the state grants. Some works on geography, economics, history, archaeology and ethnography as well as "Tikhviniana", the bibliography of the Tikhvin uyezd, were published between 1925 and 1926. The society activity was gradually reduced by the late 1920s and in 1929 the society together with NOLD ended its work.

Yegorov, Sergey Borisovich

Mordvinov, Isaaky Petrovich
Ravdonikas, Vladislav Iosifovich
Tsvylev, Sergey Aleksandrovich

Leningrad Oblast, the/Tikhvin District/Tikhvin Town
Historical Toponyms/Novgorod Gubernia (Province)/Tikhvin Uyezd

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Жервэ Н.Н. Тихвинское отделение Новгородского общества любителей древности (1913-1929) // Тихвинский сборник. Выпуск 1. Археология Тихвинского края. Тихвин, 1988., С.31-38

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