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Priorate Palace, the

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The Priorate Palace (the town of Gatchina, the Priorate Park) is the unique rammed-earth construction in sham Gothic style (1797-99, the architect N.A. Lvov), it is inseparably linked with the landscape of Black Lake and the Priorate Park. The Priorate Palace walls are made of machine rammed earth which is soaked with special solution (wooden caisson floors were used). The name of this "Earth Monastery" is linked with constituting The "Grand Priorhood" of the Maltese Order, but the Priorate Palace was not used for the Order's ceremoniouses. The silhouette of the two-floor building with the high roof is complicated with a stone tower with spire (the high of the spire is 30,8 m). Right up till the 1880s the building was not out a repair , it was used as a reserve palace , from the 1885th court choristers were placed in it. After the revolution of the 1917th a holiday house, a Pioneer House and later the Gatchina museum of local lore were placed in the palace. In 2004 the restoration was completed and the palace was opened for visitors again.

Margolis, Aleksandr Davidovich

Lvov, Nikolay Aleksandrovich

Topographical landmarks/Chyornoye Lake (Black Lake)
Leningrad Oblast, the/Gatchina District/Gatchina Town

Кючарианц Д. А., Раскин А. Г. Гатчина: Худож. памятники. СПб., 2001, С.246-262
Сковпнев С. Три лица «Приората». Гатчина. 2001, С.246-262

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