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Pyatigorsky Convent of the Mother of God

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The Pyatogorsky Convent of the Mother of God (the village of Kurkovitsi, the Volosovo district). It was separated from the Vokhono Convent of St. Mary-Magdalene. It was founded in 1899 according to the decree of the Holy Synod on the area (177.5 hectares) donated by the landowner Ye.F. Babanov. The convent had the status a supernumerary cenobitic convent. The founder and the first superioress of the convent (1899-1917) was the hegumene Apollonia. According to the design of the architect S.V. Sadovnikov some church were built: the wooden church of the Tikhvin Icon of the Mothr of God with the side-chapel of the Archangel Michael and the the side-chapel All Saints (1894-1899); the wooden church of the Icon of the Mother of God ""The Healer og Sorrows"" with the side-chapel of the Apostle James a son of Zebedee and the side-chapel St. Agrippina (1894-1895); the stone church of St. Panteleimon sided with the buildin of the hospital (1906). The Convent included two wooden churches at the railway Station Kikerino: the church of the Transfiguration of Christ (1909, the architect V.A. Vorotilov, the church has not survived), the church of St. Nicholas (not it is being restored) and the stone church of the Patronage of the Most Holy Queen, Mother of God in Gatchina. In 1917 48 nuns and 184 lay sisters lived in the convent. In April 1929 the convent was closed, churches in the village of Kurkovitsi did not work, in 1930 the churches were closed. The convent buildings were passed to a school of working peasant youth (a part of building has survived but they were rebuilt). In 1998 a chapel was opened in the church of the Icon of the Mother of God ""The Healer og Sorrows"", then the Tikhvin church was consecrated (a former the Community Culture Centre) and returned to the eparchy.

Shkarovsky, Mikhail Vitalyevich

Appolonia, mother superior
Babanov, Yegor Fyodorovich
Sadovnikov, Segey Vasilyevich
Vorotilov, Vasily Aleksandrovich

Leningrad Oblast, the/Gatchina District/Gatchina Town
Leningrad Oblast, the/Volosovo District/Kikerino Settlement
Leningrad Oblast, the/Volosovo District/Kurkovitsi Village

Антонов В.В. Вохоновский Мариинский и Пятогорский Богородицкий монастыри // Санкт-Петербургские епархиальные ведомости. 1998. № 20, С.137-141

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