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Lodeynoye Pole District

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LODEYNOYE POLE DISTRICT, a part of Leningrad Oblast located east of Lake Ladoga in the Svir River basin. In the north-west and north, it borders Olonets District of the Republic of Karelia; in the north-east and east, Podporozhye District; in the south, Tikhvin District; in the south-west, Volkhov District of Leningrad Oblast. Established in 1927 from a part of former Lodeynoye Pole uyezd of Leningrad Gubernia. In 1958, its area increased due to the joining of the cancelled Oyat District. Population: 35,000. Area: 4,911 sq. km. In L. D. there are 181 rural localities making three rural settlements, and two urban settlements: Svirstroy and Lodeynoye Pole. Apart from Russians, the population includes Vepses predominantly in the south part of the district, and a group of the Livvik Karels in the north. The Volkhovstroy-Murmansk railroad extends across L. D. Parallel to the railroad, the Kola (St. Petersburg-Murmansk) federal route extends; there is also a developed network of inter- and intra-district motor roads. The Svir River, a part of the Volgo-Baltic Waterway, has several wharfs. The archeological monuments found in L. D. indicate its populating not later than in the Neolithic Age. The numerous burial mounds on the banks of the Oyat river indicate the pattern of colonization of local Baltic Finnish population in the 10th – early 12th cc. The Holy Trinity Monastery of St. Alexander of Svir was founded in the 15th century. Several settlements are mentioned in the16th century documents. In the early 18th century, Lodeynoye Pole shipyard was founded on the Svir. In 1915, the St. Petersburg-Petrozavodsk was constructed in those lands. In 1933, the Lower Svir hydro powerplant was built. In 1941-44, a front line crossed the district’s area. In the postwar period, transport services, and timber and woodworking industry became the key lines of development. The district has the Lodeynoye Pole museum of local history, “Svir Victory” memorial, 24 libraries incl. Lodeynoye Pole central town library, Lodeynoye Pole central children’s library, 25 culture centers and social clubs, two music schools, Mobile Culture Center, House of Theater and Cinema, House of Amateur Creativity, Children’s Center of Aesthetic Development, chamber ensemble "Classics", municipal drama studio- theater "April", and Lodeynoye Pole folk comedy theater. 14 theatrical teams have the titles of “folk” and “model” companies. The “Christmas Star” children’s creativity festival and “Art Without Borders” festivals of provincial drama theaters of small towns are held; “Enarne Maa” (“Vonozero Land”), a Veps culture event, is regularly celebrated. The local pottery craft traditions are maintained by JSC " Vyatskaya Keramika" in Alyokhovschina village; a Handicraft Revival Center has been established there. The district has 136 monuments of history and culture. Among them are the village churches: the Church of Archangel Michael dated 18th c. in Alyokhovschina village, the Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker in Domozhirovo village, and the ensembles: the Oyat Convent of the Presentation of the Mother of God (Presentation at Ostrov), the Tervenichsky Convent of the Intercession of the Mother of God , and the Holy Trinity Monastery of St.Alexander of the Svir. Artists V. D. Polenov and S. N. Zenkov lived and worked in the territory of L. D. The Lower Svir Wildlife Preservation is located in the west of the district, at the Ladoga coast. The “Lodeynoye Pole” district newspaper is published, the “Lodya” radio station and “Telesvir” TV studio operate.
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Yegorov, Sergey Borisovich

Polenov, Vasily Dmitriyevich
Zenkov, Semyon Nikolayevich

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