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Verkhniye Mandrogi, village
VERKHNIYE MANDROGI, a village in Podporozhye District. Population: 403. The name’s origin is related to the Karelian words “mandere” = mainland, land, coast, or forest on a bedrock shore, and “jogi” = river. It is located on the right bank of the... more

Vinnitsi, village
VINNITSI, a village in Podporozhye District. Population: 2158. It is located in the upper reach of the Oyat River. Veps name: Vingl. It is supposed that the Russian name of the village is related to the Veps word “venianik” = Russian. Current... more

Vistino, village
VISTINO, a village in Kingisepp District. Population: 909.It is known from the 17th century. It is located on the western coast of the Soikino Peninsula, the area of the most compact population of the Izhora, whose history and culture is related to... more

Voskresenskoye, village
VOSKRESENSKOYE, a village in Gatchina District. Population: 170. It is located east of Suyda railway station of the St. Petersburg-Gatchina-Luga branch. Historically, the village was also called Suyda, while the toponym Voskresenskoye appeared in... more

Voyskovitsi, village
VOYSKOVITSI, a settlement in Gatchina District. Population: 3900. It is located at the railway station of the same name on the Gatchina-Ivangorod branch. V. is mentioned in Novgorod’s scribe roll of 1499/1500. Based at the settlement are Voyskovitsi... more

Vyra, village
VYRA, a village in Gatchina District. Population: 257. It is located on the banks of the Oredezh River. The Kiev Highway extends across V. The toponym Vyra is traced to “vyr” or “vir” (Slav) = abyss or deep (a Baltic Finnish origin of the name is... more

Yalkala*, v. Ilyichevo, settlement

Yaroslavichi, village
YAROSLAVICHI, a village in Podporozhye District. Population: 216. Located on the right bank of the Oyat River. The motor road connecting the village to Vinnitsi and Alyokhovschina extends cross Y. The Russian name is related to the ancient Slav name... more

Yelizavetino, settlement
YELIZAVETINO, a settlement in Gatchina District. Population: 3500. It is located on the Bolshiye Kolpany-Volosovo highway. The start of the settlement was the opening of Yelizavetino railways station in 1870 (the Gatchina-Ivangorod branch.) The... more

Yermilovo, settlement
YERMILOVO (Humaljoki before 1947, meaning “hop river” in Finnish), a settlement in Vyborg District. Population: 1200. It is located south of Primorsk Town on the Gulf of Finland coast where the Yermilovka River (former Humaljoki) flows into the... more

Yukki, village
YUKKI (Finnish Haapakangas = “Aspen Sands”), a village in Vsevolozhsk District, near the St. Petersburg border. Population: 793 (prior to deportation in 1942 it was mostly inhabited by Ingermanlandian Finns.) Located at Lake Tohkolodskoye on kame... more

Zaborye, settlement
ZABORYE, a settlement in Boksitogorsk District. Population: 1468. It is located on the left bank of the Lid River. It is adjacent to the station of the October Railroad of the same name. The Olyeshi-Somino motor road having access to the Novaya... more

Zaporozhskoye, settlement
ZAPOROZHSKOYE (Finnish Metsapirtti = “wood hut” before 1948), a settlement in Priozersk District. Population: 1900. In the 1499/1500 scribe roll of Vodskaya Pyatina it is mentioned as “Na cheperte” village. In 1792, a Lutheran church was built... more

Zhuravlyovo, village
ZHURAVLYOVO, a village in Boksitogorsk District. Population: 166. It is located on the Suglinka River (Chadogosch River basin.) Close to Z. is the Zabelino-Krasnaya Rechka road with access to the Novaya Ladoga-Yaroslavl route. The name originates... more

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