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Irinovka, a country estate
Irinovka, a country estate (the village of Irinovka, the Vsevolozhsk districy). The estate of the late 19th - early 20th centures. Under its first owner Barony I.Yu. Frederiks two glass-works were built, one of them became a faience factory under... more

Isakova, Anna Fyodorovna, (1923-2004), a librarian
Anna Fyodorovna ISAKOVA (1923 – 2004, Sanino Village, Lomonosov District), librarian. From 1958 through 2004 A. F. Isakova was permanently in charge of Babigonskaya village library (Nizino Village, Lomonosov District). In that period the library... more

Isidor (Nikolsky), (1729 - 1892), metropolitan, clergy figure
Isidor (Nikolsky Iakov Sergeyevich; 1799–1892), the Metropolitan.He was borne in the deacon family. He graduated from the ecclesiastical college and the seminary in Tula (1821), then he graduated from the ecclesiastical academy in St Petersburg... more

Islam. Devotees of Islam, mainly tatars, appeared in the St Peresburg Guberniya in the early 18th с, when the working people, from the central regions of Russia, were assembled for building the new capital city according to the order of Peter I.... more

Israel (Andreyev) (1793-1884), archimandrite, clergy figure
Israel (Ivan Andreyev; 1793, the village of Putilovo of the Shlisselburg uyezd - 1884, Konevets Island ), an archimandrite, clergy figure. Ivan Andreyev was born in the family of a sexton. From 1829 he was a monastic novice of the Valaam... more

Issad Rural Library, the

Issad, village
ISSAD (Izsad in the 19th c.), a village in Volkhov District. Population: 1100. It is located on the right bank of the Volkhov River. The Murmansk Highway extends close to I. The name originates from the Old Russian “issad”/”isad” = trade wharf. In... more

Issadsky House of Culture

"Ivan-gorod", a newspaper

Ivangorod Central Library, the
THE IVANGOROD CENTRAL LIBRARY (Ivangorod Town, 24 Kingiseppskoye Shosse).It was founded in 1948. From 1977 to 1992 it was part of Kingisepp centralized library system, since 1992 it has had the status of autonomous library. Its general-purpose... more

Ivangorod children art school

Ivangorod children music school

Ivangorod Fortress
Ivangorod Fortress (The Ivangorod Town is located on the right bank of river Narova) This fortress was founded in 1492 on the Devichiya Hill(Maiden Hill) and it is located opposite the castle order Narva. The fortress was named in honour of grand... more

Ivangorod History Architecture and Art Museum
The Ivangorod Museum of the Local History (Ivangorod Town, 6/1 Kingisepp Road), a branch of "The Museum Agency". The museum include the Ivangorod Fortress, with the historical and architectural exhibition devoted to the defense architecture of the... more

Ivangorod Town coat of arms, the
The Ivangorod Town's coat of arms is official approved with the decision of the Town Assembly of the Municipal Union “Gorod Ivangorod” (The town of Ivangorod) of 26 July 1998 under No13. The heraldic description of the coat of arms: “Within the... more

Ivangorod, town
IVANGOROD, a town in Kingisepp District. Population: 11,200. Located at the western border of Leningrad Oblast. Established in1492, when a stone fortress named in honor of Ivan III, Grand Prince of Moscow and All Russia (see Ivangorod Fortress) was... more

Ivanovka, a country estate
Ivanovka, a country estate on the bank of the River Pudost, is located in the eastern part of the settlement of Pudost near the railway station of the same name. It was owned to the family of F. and I. Shtakenschneider, the father and grandfather of... more

"Ivanovo Small Area", memorial

Ivanovskoye Settlement Rural Library, the

Ivanovsky, Lev Konstantinovich (1845-1892), a scientist
Ivanovsky, Lev Konstantinovich (1845-1892), a doctor, archaeologist, anthropologist. He graduated the Medical and Surgical Academy in 1869 with the gold medal and he was suggested to work as an assistant lecturer at the descriptive anatomy... more

"Izdatelsky dom "Kirishi" " ("Publishing House "Kirishi"", MUP (a municipal unitary enterprise)

"Izge yul" ("Good Way"), a Tatar Society

Izhora festival
IZHORA HOLIDAY, folk festival. The aim of the festival is to revive the culture of the Izhora. First it was held in June 2004 in Vistino Vilage on the base of Izhora Folk Museum. In 2005 Izhora Holiday was celebrated on the Day of Fisherman (the... more

Izhora (Izhora men)
Izhora (Izhoras, the own native name is Izurit) is an ethnic community. Their language is related to the Baltic-Finnic subgroup of the Finno-Ugric branch of the Uralic language family. Accorging to the most widespread version the Izhora separated... more

Izhora Popular Museum, the
The Izhora Popular Museum. It was founded in the village of Vistino (the Kingisepp district) on October 1, 1993 at the building of the former primary school and with the help of the fishing kolkhoz "Baltika". Now the museum is under the culture... more

"Izhora Ram", a memorial

Izhora River, the
IZHORA, river, left - hand tributary of the Neva River. Total length: 76 km. Basin area: abt. 1,000 sq. km. The river springs from Skvoritsy Village, Gatchina District. It flows across Gatchina and Tosno Districts of the Leningrad Oblast and Kolpino... more

Izvara, a country estate
Izvara, a country estate (the village of Izvara, the Volosovo district). Firstly (since 1747) the grange was owned to Count K.E. Sivers. In 1872 St. Petersburg lawyer K.F. Roerich bought the estate with a stone manor-house built in the English... more

"Izvestiya Yamburgskogo ispolkoma Sovetov" ("News of the Yamburg Soviets Executive Committee"), a newspaper

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