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Lubensk, a country estate

"Luga film gathering", a film festival
“LUZHSKIYE KINOPOSIDELKY” (“FILM VIEWING IN LUGA TOWN”), international biannual festival of amateur short films. It is held in Luga Town on “Luga Film” studio initiative with the assistance of Culture Committee under the Leningrad Oblast Government,... more

Luga - Film, a film studio
“LUGA-FILM”, film-studio (1,Naberezhnaya str.,Luga Town), culture institution under local authorities. It exists since 1981, in 1990 the studio acquired a current status. It consists of several public creative teams: film and video studio “Luga... more

"Luga Boundary", event

Luga Central District Library, the
THE LUGA CENTRAL DISTRICT LIBRARY (13a Volodarsky Prospekt, Luga Town). The library was founded in 1918 on the base of public reading library (founded 1899). In the years of the Great Patriotic War the library was destroyed, then in 1944 it was... more

Luga children art school

Luga children atrs school

Luga children musical school named after N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov
LUGA TOWN CHILDREN’S MUSICAL SCHOO NAMED AFTER N.A RIMSKY-KORSAKOV (64, Kirova Av., Luga Town). It was founded in 1961, founder is Municipal Institution “Luzhsky Raion” (“Luga District”) administration. The maim specializations: piano,... more

Luga District
LUGA DISTRICT, municipal entity. Population: 44,600. Area: 5993.1 sq. km. Located in the south of Leningrad Oblast. In the west, it borders Slantsy District, in the north, Volosovo, Gatchina, and Tosno Districts of Leningrad Oblast; in the east,... more

Luga District coat of arms, the
The Luga District's coat of arms is the official symbol of the Municipal Union “Luzhskiy rayon” (The Luga District) that was approved with the decision of the District’s Deputy Assembly of the Municipal Union “Luzhsky rayon” (The Luga District) of ... more

Luga exhibition hall
LUGA TOWN EXHIBITION HALL (54, Uritsogo av., Luga Town). It was opened in 2001 as an Arts Department under the Town House of Culture. The exhibition area is 100, there is also some room for stock art. During its existence the exhibition... more

"Luga Firing Line", a diorama museum, v. the Subsk Local History Museum

Luga House of Culture

Luga House of Youth Creativity

Luga River, the
LUGA, river. It flows in Novgorod Oblast and in Luga, Volosovo, and Kingisepp Districts of Leningrad Oblast. Length: 353 km (the longest river in Leningrad Oblast.) Catchment area: 13,200 sq. km. Flow rate: 100 cu. m / s. Its width is 50-100 m in... more

Luga Town Children Library, the
THE LUGA TOWN CHILDREN LIBRARY No 1 (1 Naberezhnaya Street, Luga Town). The history of the library can be traced back to two libraries that functioned in the town: Library for Children and Youth named after N. A. Nekrasov (1910s) and Luga Central... more

Luga Town Library, the

Luga Town Museum of the Local History, the
The Luga Town Museum of the Local History (Luga Town, 11a Red Artillery Street) was founded in 1976. The museum is placed in the former merchant house which is the wood architecture sight of the 19th century. There are 11 thousand items in the... more

Luga, town
LUGA, town, adm. center of Luga District. Located 142 km (139 by railway) south of St. Petersburg on the Luga River, after which it was given its name. Population: 40,400. The town is a junction of motor and railroad routes to St. Petersburg,... more

"Lunny Kamen" ("The Moon Stone"), a natural monument

Lutheran Church of St. Apolstle Peter (the village of Maliye Kolpany, Gatchina District)
Lutheran Church of Apolstle Peter (the village of Maliye Kolpany, Gatchina District), Finnish Church is placed at the cemetery (parish of Kolpany, it was founded in 1640). The Church for 680 seats was built from quarry stones in 1799–1800... more

Lutheranism. The first Lutheran parish was formed in Koporye in 1590 in the territory of the contemporary Leningrad Oblast. The dissemination of Lutheranism began in Russia after the annexation of the lands of the Neva River by Sweden in 1617. ... more

Lutsk colony (Immigrant settlement)

Luzhitsi, village
LUZHITSI, a village in Kingisepp District. Population: 82. Located on the bank of the Luzhitsa River. First mentioned in the 1499/1500 Rent Census Book of Vodskaya Pyatina. In the 20th c., it integrated the villages of Nizhniye Luzhitsi, Glinki, and... more

"Luzhskaya Gazeta" ("The Newspaper of Luga"), a newspaper

"Luzhskaya pravda" ("Luga Truth"), a newspaper
"Luzhskaya pravda" ("The Luga Truth") (73 Kirov Street, Luga Town), a social and political newspaper of the Luga District. The newspaper was founded on Aprill 11, 1918 as "Bulletin of the Luga Soviet of Deputies". During 1920-1960 the newspaper... more

"Luzhskaya tipografiya" ("Luga Printing House"), GP (a state enterprise)

"Luzhskaya zhizn" ("The Life of Luga Town"), a newspaper

"Luzhsky Listok" ("Luga Bulletin"), a newspaper

"Luzhsky Rayon" ("Luga District"), a local history anthology

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