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Leningrad Oblast State University named after A.S. Pushkin
LENINGRAD OBLAST STATE UNIVERSITY NAMED AFTER A.S. PUSHKIN (LOSU) (10, Peterburgskoye Highway, Pushkin Town). It was founded in 1992 as the State Leningrad Oblast Pedagogy Institute. Founders of the Institute were the Leningrad Oblast... more

Leningrad Oblast College of Culture and Art
LENINGRAD OBLAST COLLEGE OF CULTURE AND ART (LOCCA) ( 57а, Gorokhovaya st., StP). It is the oldest in Russia vocational school in the field of arts. The college was founded in 1938 as the Leningrad Oblast political education school N2, from 1960 –... more

Leonova, Darya Mikhaylovna ( 1829-1896), an actress
LEONOVA, Darya Mikhaylovna (1829, from other sources 1834 – 1896), opera and drama actress, chamber singer, teacher. Since 1849 she studied at St.Petersburg Theatre School. Since 1850 she performed as a singer and a drama actress at Aleksandrinsky... more

Lesogorsk House of Culture

"Light Your Hearts", holiday

Lisino- Korpusny House of Culture

"Literature and the cinema", a film festival
“LITERATURE AND CINEMA”, film festival. It was established in 1995 as a festival of screen versions. It is held in Gatchina Town, in 2006 XII festival took place. Promoters: Federal Agency for Culture and Filmmaking, the Leningrad Oblast... more

"Little Tower", a puppet theatre

Lodeinoye Pole children art school

Lodeinoye Pole children arts school

Lodeinoye Pole House of Culture

Lodeinoye Pole House of People Creativity named after Y.P. Zakharov

Lodeynoye Pole Children Center of the Aesthetics Development
“DETSKY TSENTR ESTETICHESKOGO RAZVITIYA” (“CENTRE OF CHILDREN’S AESTHETIC DEVELOPMENT”)(10, Lenin av., Lodeynoye Pole Town). It was founded according to a decree “O Reorganizatsiy Detskoy muzikal’noy Shkoly, Doma Detskogo Tvorchestva I Sozdaniy... more

Lomakin, Gavriil Yakimovich (1812 - 1885). A musician
LOMAKIN, Gavriil Yakimovich (Ioakimovich) (1812 – 1885, Gatchina Town), choirmaster, conductor, composer, teacher. He was a son of a serf. In 1811 he was taken to St.Petersburg and joined Count D.M. Sheremetev’s choir. Lomakin was a choir leader... more

Lopukhinskaya children music school

Luban children arts school

"Luga film gathering", a film festival
“LUZHSKIYE KINOPOSIDELKY” (“FILM VIEWING IN LUGA TOWN”), international biannual festival of amateur short films. It is held in Luga Town on “Luga Film” studio initiative with the assistance of Culture Committee under the Leningrad Oblast Government,... more

Luga - Film, a film studio
“LUGA-FILM”, film-studio (1,Naberezhnaya str.,Luga Town), culture institution under local authorities. It exists since 1981, in 1990 the studio acquired a current status. It consists of several public creative teams: film and video studio “Luga... more

"Luga Boundary", event

Luga children art school

Luga children atrs school

Luga children musical school named after N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov
LUGA TOWN CHILDREN’S MUSICAL SCHOO NAMED AFTER N.A RIMSKY-KORSAKOV (64, Kirova Av., Luga Town). It was founded in 1961, founder is Municipal Institution “Luzhsky Raion” (“Luga District”) administration. The maim specializations: piano,... more

Luga exhibition hall
LUGA TOWN EXHIBITION HALL (54, Uritsogo av., Luga Town). It was opened in 2001 as an Arts Department under the Town House of Culture. The exhibition area is 100, there is also some room for stock art. During its existence the exhibition... more

Luga House of Culture

Luga House of Youth Creativity

Lyapunov, Sergey Mikhaylovich (1859-1924), a musician
LYAPUNOV, Sergey Mikhaylovich (1859 – 1924), composer, pianist, conductor. In 1883 he graduated from Moscow Conservatory (his teachers were S.I. Taneyev, P.A. Pabst and К. Klindwort) and started to teach there. In 1885 he moved to St.Petersburg.... more

Lyuban House of Culture

"Magic Lamp", a puppet theatre

Maksimov, Vasily Maksimovich (1844-1911), an artist
MAKSIMOV, Vasily Maksimovich (1844, Lopino Village, Novaya Ladoga Uyezd – 1911), painter. He was born in a family of peasants, graduated from a school at the monastery. He painted icons at St.Nicholas Monastery in Staraya Ladoga Village. In 1855 he... more

Maly Drama Theatre - Theatre of Europe
MALY DRAMATICHESKIY TEATR – TEATR YEVROPY (МDТ) (“MALY DRAMA THEATRE – THE THEATRE OF EUROPE ”)(18, Rubinshtein st., SPb). It was founded in 1944 in besieged Leningrad as an oblast mobile theatre, since 1956 the theatre is permanent and it is... more

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