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Geological outcrops of the Ordovisian and Devonian periods strata at the Saba River", a natural monument

The Germans (their own native name is Deutsche) are an ethnic community which is a part of the polpulation of the Leningrad Oblast. The religious Germans are Lutherans and Catholics. The Germans are the main population of Germany. In Russian (in... more

Gesellius, Hermann Ernst Henrik
Gesellius, Hermann Ernst Henrik (1874-1916), an architect. In 1897 Gesellius graduated from the Politechnic Institute in Helsinki. During 1896-1904 Gesellius worked at the bureau "Gesellius - Linfgren - Saarinen", after closing the bureau in... more

Gippius, Zinaida Nikolayevna (1869-1945), a literary woman
Gippius (Hippius), Zinaida Nikolayevna (in marriage Merezhkovskaya; 1869-1945), a poet. Z.N. Gippius took the home education. In 1889 Gippius married D.S. Merezhkovsky whith whom she lived for 52 years. Gippius published her first poems in 1888;... more

"Gladky Moss", a marsh tract

"Gladyshevsky", a reserve

Glazhevsk children music school

Glazunov, Aleksandr Konstantinovich (1865- 1936), a musician
GLAZUNOV, Aleksandr Konstantinovich (1865– 1936), composer, conductor, teacher, public figure in music. Since 1879 he was taught music by М.А. Balakirev (piano) and by N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov (theory and composition). In 1882 he was recognized as one... more

"Glebovskoye Marsh", a reserve

Glinka, Mikhail Ivanovich (1804-1857), a musician
GLINKA, Vasily Andreyevich (1804–1857), composer, the father of Russian classical music. In 1822 he graduated from the St.Petersburg school for children of the nobility at the Central Pedagogical Institute. In 1834 he travelled to Italy and Germany,... more

Glinka, Vasily Andreyevich (1790-1831), an architect
Vasily Andreyevich Glinka (1790–1831), an architect, academician of architecture (1824), master of the Classicism style. He rebuilt H.P. Rumyantsev's house in Angliyskaya (English) Embankment for "The Public Museum" in the 1829s, took part in... more

"Globus" ("The Globe"), a children's geography anthology

Gnedich, Nikolay Ivanovich (1784-1833), a literary man
Gnedich, Nikolay Ivanovich (1784-1833), a translator, poet, playwright. Gnedich was a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (1811), corresponding Member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1826). Gnedich attended the Moscow University,... more

"Golos Ladogi" ("The Voice of Ladoga"), a newspaper

Gomontovo, a country estate
Gomontovo, a country estate (the village of Gomontovo, the Volosovo district). The village belonged to Varvara Lvovna Fermor, the wife of Count V.V. Fermor. Later it passed to her nephew K.I. Albrekht, the owner of the estate of Kotli. In 1838 the... more

Gonzago Pyotr Fyodorovich (1751-1831), an artist
GONZAGO ( Gonzaga), Pietro di Gottardo (Pyotr Fyodorovich) (1751–1831), painter, theatre designer, art theorist, architect, garden designer. In 1792 he was invited to St.Petersburg to be at the head of stage decorations at Imperial Theatres. At the... more

Gorbunkovskaya children music school

Gorka, village
GORKA, a village in Tikhvin District. Population: 813. It is located near a dry wash, at a bend of the Pasha River. It is connected to Tikhvin and localities in the district’s north-western part by a motor road. The name indicates the position of... more

Gorkovskoye, settlement
GORKOVSKOYE, a settlement in Vyborg District. Population: 297. It appeared in 1948 as a result of integration of the villages of Neuvola (also Neivola) and Kirjavala. It was named after A. M. Gorky (Peshkov) who lived in Kirjavala village in the... more

Gorky, Maksim (Aleksey Maksimovich Peshkov) (1868-1936), a literary man
Maksim Gorky (the real name is Aleksey Maksimovich Peshkov; 1868-1936), a writer, playwright, publicist, public figure. Gorky participated in January events of 1905 in Saint Petersburg, after which he was imprisoned into the Peter and Paul... more

Gornostayev, Aleksey Maksimovich (1808 - 1862), an architect
Aleksey Maksimovich Gornostayev (1808 - 1862), an architect, a founder of the national line in the Russian arcitecture. In 1834 he was certified at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, then he spent 4 years in the West Europe. In 1838 Gornostayev... more

Goryshin, Gleb Aleksandrovich (1931-1998), a literary man
Gleb Aleksandrovich Goryshin (1931-1998), a literary man. He was born in Leningrad city and spent his childhood in the urban settlement of Vyritsa. In 1954 Goryshin graduated from the Journalism Faculty of the Leningrad State University. Till 1957... more

Gostilitsi Rural Library, the
THE GOSTILITSI VILLAGE LIBRARY (Gostilitsi Village). The present-day village library took over from free library for peasants and their children that was open in Gostilitsi Village in 1896 on the initiative and with financial support of T. B.... more

Gostilitsi, a country estate
Gostilitsi, a country estate (the village of Gostilitsi, the Lomonosov district). It is an architectural sight of the 18th century. In 1721 Peter I granted the grange to Captain B.-Kh. Minikh which was invited for building the Ladoga Canals. On the... more

Gostilitsi, village
GOSTILITSI, a village in Lomonosov District. Population: 3600. It is located at the northern edge of the Izhora Hills, on the Gostilka River. The name originates from the Novgorod name Gostilo. First mention was in Novgorod’s scribe roll of... more

"Gostilitsky", a memorial

"Gostilitsky", a reserve

Gostilitsy children music school

Gostinopolsky Monastery of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker
The Gostinopolye Monastery of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. It was located on the right bank of the Volkhov River to the south from the present-day village of Veltsa of the Volkhov district (the terrain feature of Nicholas pogost). The monastery... more

Grafskaya Gorka (Count Hill), a country estate

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