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Grin, Elmar (Aleksandr Vasilyevich) (1909-?), a writer
Elmar Grin (the real name is Aleksandr Vasilyevich Yakimov; 1909-?), a writer. Elmar Grin was born in a peasant family in Kivenappa village of the Vyborg Gubernia (now it is Pervomayskoye settlement of the Vyborg District). He was brought up in... more

"Gubernskiye vedomosti" ("Gubernia Bulletin"), a newspaper

Gumilyov, Nikolay Stepanovich (1886-1921), a literary man
Nikolay Stepanovich Gumilyov (1886-1921), a poet, translator, playwright, critic. N.S. Gumelyov graduated from the Nicholas High School in Tsarskoye Selo in 1906, during 1906-1908 he learned at the Sorbonne, during 1908-1909 he learned at the... more

Guro, Yelena Genrikhovna (1877-1913), a poet, artist
Guro, Yelena Genrikhovna (1877-1913), a poet, artist, a representative of the Russian avant-garde. She learned at the Drawing School of the Art Encouragement Society (1890), at the workshop of Ya.F. Tsioglinsky (1903-1906) and then at the school of... more

"Inkeri", a newspaper

"Ivan-gorod", a newspaper

"Izdatelsky dom "Kirishi" " ("Publishing House "Kirishi"", MUP (a municipal unitary enterprise)

"Izvestiya Yamburgskogo ispolkoma Sovetov" ("News of the Yamburg Soviets Executive Committee"), a newspaper

Karamzin, Nikolay Mikhaylovich (1766-1826), a literary man, scholar
Karamzin, Nikolay Mikhaylovich (1766-1826), a writer, publicist, historian, honorary member of the St.Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1818), full state councillor (1824). Karamzin was educated at the private boarding school in Simbirsk City, then... more

"Karelskiye izvestiya" ("Karelian News"), a magazine

"Kingiseppskaya tipografita" ("Kingisepp Printing House"), GP (a state enterprise)

"Kirishsky Fakel" ("Kirishi Torch"), a newspaper
"Kirishsky Fakel" ("The Kirishi Torch") (13 Heroes Prospect, Kirishi Town), a social and political newspaper of the Kirishi District. It was founded on June 14, 1931 as the the organ of the District Committee of VKP(b) (Communist Party of the... more

"Knizhnaya lavka" ("The Book Shop"), a newspaper

"Kodima" ("Rodnata Zemlya" ("Native Land")), a newspaper

"Koltushi", a newspaper

Konkka, Yuhani (1904-1970), a literary man
Konkka, Yuhani (1904, Konkkala located near Toksovo settlement -1970), a writer, tramslator. In 1915 Yuhani Konkka joined at the People's College in Impilakhti Town and then at the theological seminary in Sortavala. In 1919 Konkka's family mooved to... more

"Krasnaya zvezda" ("The Red Star"), a newspaper
"Krasnaya zvezda" ("The Red Star") (6 Sovetskaya Street, Priozersk Town), a social and political newspaper of the Priozersk District. It si founded on October 3, 1940 as the organ of the Kyakisalma Town Committee and the District Committee of... more

"Krestyanskaya pravda" ("Peasant Truth"), a newspaper

Krylov, Aleksandr Abramovich (1798-1829), a poet
Krylov, Aleksandr Abramovich (1798-1829), a poet. Krylov graduated from the Olonets Gubernia High School in 1813 and the St.Petersburg Teacher's Training College. During 1816-1820 A.A. Krylov worked at the St.Petersburg College for the... more

Krylov, Ivan Andreyevich (1769-1844),
Krylov, Ivan Andreyevich (1769, according to the other data 1766 or 1768 - 1844), a writer of fables, playwright, journalist, a full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, academician of the St. Peterburg Academy of Sciences from 1841, state... more

Kuprin, Aleksandr Ivanovich (1870-1938), a literary man
Kuprin, Aleksandr Ivanovich (1870-1938), a writer. Kuprin graduated from the Alexander Military School in Moscow in 1890. He served in the Infantry Regiment in the Podolsk Gubernia. In 1894 Kuprin retired in the rank of lieutenant. From 1901 in... more

Kyukhelbeker, Vilhelm Karlovich (1797-1846), a poet
Vilhelm Karlovich Kyukhelbeker (1797-1846), poet, revolutionary(Decembrist). Upon finishing the Imperial Lyceum at Tsarskoye Selo (1817;A.S.Pushkin's classmate) served in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and at the same time he taught Russian... more

"Ladoga", a newspaper
"Ladoga" (20 Krasnoflotskaya Street, Kirovsk Town), a social and political newspaper of the Kirovsk District. It has been published since January 1, 1978 as the organ of the Kirovsk Town Committee of KPSS (the Communist Party of the Soviet Union)... more

Leningrad Oblast TV company (LOT), the
Leningrad Oblast TV company (LOT)), joint -stock company,(Saint Petersburg., 1-ya Nikitinskaya Street, 6а).Was founded in 1994 in order to cover political, economic,social and cultural life of Leningrad Oblast and North-West Region. It... more

Lenizdat (the Leningrad Publishing House)
Lenizdat (the Leningrad Publishing House). The Publishing House is founded in November 1917 as the publishing house of the Petrograd Soviet, from 1919 it was called Petrogosizdat (Petrograd State Publishing House), from 1924 it was called Lengiz... more

Leskov, Nikolay Semyonovich (1831-1895), a literary man
Leskov, Nikolay Semyonovich (1831-1895), a writer. Leskov learned at the Oryol High School during 1841-1846 (he did not graduate the school). During 1847-1857 Leskov worked at the Oryol Chamber of the Criminal Court and at the Kiev State Chamber.... more

Leykin, Nikolay Aleksandrovich (1831-1906), a literary man
Leykin, Nikolay Aleksandrovich (1831-1906), a literary man, journalist. During 1853-1858 N.A. Leykin learned in the German Reformer College in St. Petersburg. Leykin worked as a professional literary man from the early 1860s, he worked in magazines... more

"Lodeynipolskaya tipografiya" ("Lodeynoye Pole Printing House"), OAO

"Lodeynoye Pole", a newspaper
"Lodeynoye Pole" (58 Karl Marx Street, Lodeynoye Pole Town), a social and political newspaper of the Lodeynoye Pole District. The newspaper was founded on March 30, 1919 as the organ of the Vytegra Uyezd Committee of the Russian Communist Party... more

Lokhvitskaya, Mirra (Maria) Aleksandrovna (1869-1905), a literary woman
Lokhvitskaya, Mirra (Maria) Aleksandrovna (1869-1905), a literary woman. M.A. Lokhvitskaya is a sister of the authoress N.A. Teffi. M.A. Lokhvitskaya graduated from the Moscow Alexander College (later it became an Institute) in 1888. In the 1880s... more

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