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The Convent of the Dormition

The Culture of long burial mounds (barrows)
The Culture of long burial mounds (long barrows). The new culture was extended on the vast territory included Pskov Lake, the Velikaya, Lovat, Msta, Mologa and Chagodoshch (partly) rivers in the middle of AD 1000. This culture is distinguished... more

The Curch of the Annunciation of the Mother of God (Klopitsy Village)

The Curch of the Ascension of Our Lord (Fyodorovskoye Village, Tosno District)
The Church of the Ascension of Our Lord (Fyodorovskoye Village, the Tosno District). The stone Classicism style church with added bell tower was constructed in Fyodorovsky Posad on the design of the architect G. Quarenghi during 1783-1785 and... more

The Dominican Monastery
The Dominican Monastery(the town of Vyborg, 13 Vyborgskaya Street). In 1318 the wooden Dominican church was in Vyborg. In 1392 the construction of the Dominican Monastery of Black Brother was begun; in 1471-1481 the new stone cathedral was... more

"The Door into Summer", an youth music festival

"The festival chimes", an Orthodox culture festival
“PRAZDNICHNYE ZVONY” (“HOLIDAY CHURCH BELLS”), a festival of orthodox culture. It has been held in Tikhvin Town since 2004. It takes place on July 9th when people celebrate the Day of Tikhvin Town and the Day of appearance of the icon of Our Lady... more

"The Fifth Hill", a country estate
"The Fifth Hill", a country estate, the Volosovo District, the Kalitino Volost (20 km from Volosovo Town). The building of the estate nearby the village of Pyataya Gora (The Fifth Hill) started in the late 18th century. A small wooden manor-house... more

"The Flower of Life", a memorial
"The Flower of Life" is a memorial consisting of "The Great Belt of Glory" at the 3d km of "The Road of Life" in the valley of the Luppa River at the village of Kovalyevo of the Vsevolozhsk District. The Memorial includes the monument "The Flower of... more

"The Forest Fairy Tale" , a Russian folk music ensemble

The Franciscan Monastery (Vyborg Town)
The Franciscan Monastery (Vyborg Town, 4 Vodnaya Zastava Street). The Monastery was founded in the 15th century. A monastery school building of the 16th century, built from granite boulders and bricks is survived. In the middle of the 17th century... more

"The Garden of Peace", monument, the
"The Garden of Peace" is the memorial included into "The Green Belt of Glory". It is located at the 35th km of Vyborg Road. The memorial was opened on May 5, 1967. It was devoted to Leningrad defence and the feat of the 21st and 23d Army of the... more

"The Golden Cockerel", a children musical festival
“ZOLOTOY PETUSHOK” (“GOLDEN ROOSTER”), oblast children’s contest-festival. It has been held since 2002 among the young soloists and art groups representing the Leningrad Oblast as well as towns and villages from other regions of Russia. ... more

The Goritsky Monastery of the Nativity of Christ

"The Grove of Five Hundred", memorial, the
"The Grove of Five Hundred" is a memorial park in the town of Kingisepp. On the park territory there are common graves of soldiers of the Civil and Great Patriotic Wars. The memorial name appeared after the Civil War. The town was seized by troops... more

"The heart of Russia does not forget you as the first love", celebration

"The holiday of Terpsichore", a competition

"The House of a Station Master", a museum
"The House of a Station Master", a museum of literature characters of A.S. Pushkin and road life of Pushkin times (the Gatchina District, Vyra Village, 32a Bolshoy Prospekt). The museum was founded on October 15, 1972. The legend connects the post... more

"The House of A.S. Pushkin's Nanny", a museum.
"The House of A.S. Pushkin's Nanny", a museum (the Gatchina District, Kobrino Village). It is a branch of the museum "The House of a Post Master". The museum was founded on July 3, 1974. A wooden log house built in the 18th century belonged to... more

The Imochenitsy village church of the Nativity of the Mother of God (Imochenitsy Village, Lodeinoye Pole District)
The Imochenitsy village church of the Nativity of the Mother of God (Imochenitsy Village, Lodeinoye Pole District). The Rozhdestvensky Convent was organized before the 17thc, it was closed after 1600. The original wooden convent church of the... more

The Kostel of Sainted Hierach Nicholas (Luga Town)
The Catholic Church of Saint Hierach Nicholas (Luga Town, 44 Uritsky Street). During 1894 -95 Catholics of the Luga uyezd (460 people) submitted applications two times about constructing c a small wooden cult structure on the spot granted by the... more

The Kostel of St. Stephenida (Gatchina District)

The Kostel of the Mother of God of Mount Carmel
The Kostel of the Mother of God of Mount Carmel (the town of Gatchina, 29 Uritskogo Street). The first Catholic chapel was built in Gatchina in 1800. 586 Catholics lived in Gatchina in 1843. In 1887 the chapel was built for Catholics (it was... more

"The Lembolovo Fortification", memorial, the
The memorial "The Lembolovo Fortification" is a part of the memorial "The Green Belt of Glory". It is located at the 39th km of the road to the town of Priozersk on the River Muratovka northern bank close to the settlement of Lembolovo. The... more

The Leningrad Oblast State Archive in Vyborg
LENINGRAD OBLAST STATE ARCHIVE IN VYBORG (LOGAV) (the town of Vyborg, 1 Shturm Street) Formed in 1940 as branch of Central State Archive of People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs of Karelo-Finn Soviet Socialist Republic ; in 1951 renamed... more

"The Light of the Nativity Star does not Fade", events at the Roerich Museum

"The Local History Kaleidoscope", an information bulletin
"The Local History Kaleidoscope", an unperiodical information bulletin. It is published by the Leningrad Oblast universal science library. From 1996 till 2003 eight issues were published. The bulletin is intended for covering the locak history study... more

The Lutheran Church (Kingisepp Town)

The Lutheran Church (Kotly Village)

The Lutheran Church (Moloskovitsy Village, Volosovo District)
The Lutheran Church (Moloskovitsy Village, the Volosovo District), it was called "White Protestant Church" (the parish of Valkeakirkko/Moloskovitsa), one of the oldest churches in Ingermanlandia. The community was organised during 1639-1631. The... more

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