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Taitsi Settlement Library, the

Taitsi, a country estate
Taitsi, a country estate (the urban settlement of Taitsi, the Gatchina district). In 1712 Peter I granted the estate to Admiral I.M. Golovin. His sons divided the inheritance in two parts, in 1767 they sold Maliye Taitsi to A.P. Gannibal and in... more

Taitsy Leisure Centre

Taytsi, urban settlement
TAYTSI, an urban settlement in Gatchina District. Population: 2,600. It is situated at Taytsi railway station of the St. Petersburg-Gatchina Baltiyskaya branch. The settlement was established in 1960. There are also the villages of Bolshiye Taytsi... more

Taytsy children music school

Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich (1840 - 1893), a musician
TCHAIKOVSKY, Pyotr Ilyich (1840–1893), composer, conductor, teacher, writer of musical essays. In 1859 he graduated from the School of Jurisprudence, up to 1863 he worked at the Ministry of Justice. Tchaikovsky left civil service, entered the... more

Teatres, National
NATIONAL THEATRES. National theatre companies (Finnish, Estonian, Polish, etc.) started to appear in St>Petersburg in 1870s. After 1917 they obtained support from the government. In the period 1930-32 on the base of existing amateur companies... more

Teetotalism, religious - moral movement. It was disseminated among workers and craftsmen mainly who had the country origin. It was founded by I.А. Churikov who organized the society ""Sober Life"" in St Petersburg in 1906-1907 and the... more

"Teleradio Tosno" ("Television and Radio Broadcasting of Tosno Town"), a TV company

Telmanovskaya children arts school

Temples of the Clement parish (Novaya Ladoga Town)
Temples of the Clement parish (Novaya Ladoga Town, 41 Karl Marx Prospekt). In the town of Staraya Ladoga from the 12th century there were the stone cathedral of St. Clement (built in 1153) and the church of Our Saviour (built during 1159-1161)... more

"Tera-Studio", TV company

Terpigorye, a country estate

Terpilitsi, a country estate
Terpilitsi, a country estate (the village of Terpilitsi, the Volosovo district). The estate was created by V.M. Rebinder in the 18th century. In 1830 the estate was bought by A.F. Veimarn as the dowry of his sister Amaliya Fyedorovna who married to... more

Tervenichi Convent of the Intercession of the Virgin Mary
The Tervenichi Convent of the Intercession of the Virgin Mary (the Lodeynoye Pole district, the village of Tervenichi, 30 Nagornaya Street). It was founded in 1997 on the place of a grave-yard (it was firstly mentioned in 1137) which was named... more

Tervenichi Rural Library, the

Tervenichi, village
TERVENICHI, a village in Lodeynoye Pole District. Population: 409. Located on the western shore of Lake Pogostskoye. The Veps name for the village is Terl (from the Old Veps name Terv; the current Veps “terv” = tar.) The village has access to the... more

The " Behind- the- Wall" Monastery of St. George

The Church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God (Luga Town)
The Church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God (Luga Town, 27 Gagarin Street). The church was built during 1901-1904 to the design of the architect N.G. Kudryavtsev who presented the relic a cross with the particles of the Life-giving Tree and... more

The Monastery of the Nativity

The Naval Cathedral of the Holy Trinity (Ust-Luga Village, Kingisepp District)

The Resurrection Church (Toroshkovichi Village, Luga District)
The Resurrection Church (Toroshkovichi Village, the Luga District). The original wooden church, built in the 16th century (the first mention about the church was made in 1582, it was rebuilt in 1690), it was burned in 1852. The new wooden church... more

The Theology Seminary of the Evangelical - Lutheran Church
THEOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF INGERI EVANGELICAL-LUTHERAN CHURCH NAMED AFTER S.-J. LAURIKKALA (Kolbino Village, Vsevolozhsk District). In 1993 the Synod of Ingeri Unified Lutheran Church made a decision to found a Centre of Deacon Education. In 1995 a... more

The Transfiguration Cathedral (Koporye Village, Lomonosov District)
The Transfiguration Cathedral (Koporye Village, the Lomonosov District). The original stone cathedral with the side-chapel of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin was built in the Koporye Fortress in the second half of the 14th century. The... more

The Transfiguration Cathedral (Tikhvin Town)
The Transfiguration Cathedral (Tikhvin Town, 9 Svoboda (Freedom) Square). In 1560 Prechistensky Posad (dwelling and trade buildings of the town of Tikhvin) was transferred to a new place in the connection with opening the Tikhvin Convent of the... more

The Transfiguration Cathedral (Vyborg Town)
The Cathedral of the Transfiguration Christ (the town of Vyborg, 1 Teatralny Square). The decision about building a new Russian church was taken in summer 1783 during staying Empress Catherine II in the town of Vyborg. A draft was presumably done... more

The Transfiguration Church (Orlino Village, Gatchina District)
The Transfiguration Church (the Gatchina District, the village of Orlino, 82 Tsentralny (Central) Street). The church in Orlinsky Spassky Pogost was firstly mentioned in 1499. In the 17th century under the Sweden power the church was destroyed. The... more

The Transfiguration Church (Tolmachevo Village, Luga District)
The Transfiguration Church (Tolmachevo Village, the Luga District, 15 Parkovy Street). The wooden church with five high piramidal domes was built during 1893-1894 (by the architect N.V. Dmitriyev , with the participation of N.E. Teykh) at the... more

The Trinity Monastery at Zlatyn

"The Beaty of Tikhvin Land", competition

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