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Kiprensky, Orest Adamovich (1782-1836), an artist
KIPRENSKY, Orest Adamovich (1782, country house in Nezhinskaya Village; modern Nezhnovo Village, Kingisepp District – 1836), artist, a founder of romanticism in Russian painting. He was an illegitimate son of a serf woman and a landlord A.S.... more

Kirishi lace v. Zakhozhskoye lace

Kirishi Central Children Library, the

Kirishi children arts school

Kirishi District
KIRISHI DISTRICT, a part of Leningrad Oblast. Area: 3009 sq. km. Population: 67,700. In the west, it borders Tosno, in the north-west, Kirovsk, in the north, Volkhov, and in the east, Tikhvin Districts of Leningrad Oblast; in the south-east, with... more

Kirishi District coat of arms, the
The Kirishi District's coat of arms was approved with the decision of the municipality of the Municipal Union “Kirishsky rayon” (The Kirishi District) of 30 January 1997, No. 2/13. The heraldic description of the coat of arms: “Within the azure... more

Kirishi Museum of the Local History, the
The Kirishi Museum of the Local History (Kirishi Town, 42 Lenina Prospekt). It was founded on January 29, 1972. The museum collection base (more then 15 thousand exhibits) is ethnographic materials (everyday life items, tools, traditional and... more

Kirishi Town Children Library, the

Kirishi Town coat of arms and flag, the
The Kirishi Town's coat of arms and flag are official approved symbols of the Municipal Union “Kirishskoe gorodskoe poselenie” (the urban-type settlement of Kirishi) (they were approved with the decision of the Soviet of Deputies of 26 June 2006,... more

Kirishi Town Library, the
THE KIRISHI TOWN LIBRARY (Kirishi Town, 31 Sovetskaya Street).It was founded in 1959 as village library, since 1966 the central district library, since 2006 – the town library. Its general-purpose fund contains over 65,000 storage units, with about... more

Kirishi, town
KIRISHI, town, adm. center of Kirishi District. It is situated at the crossing of the Mga-Pestovo and Volkhovstroy-Chudovo railway lines. Motor roads connect K. to the Novaya Ladoga-Murmansk and St. Petersburg-Moscow routes. The name is related to... more

"Kirishsky Fakel" ("Kirishi Torch"), a newspaper
"Kirishsky Fakel" ("The Kirishi Torch") (13 Heroes Prospect, Kirishi Town), a social and political newspaper of the Kirishi District. It was founded on June 14, 1931 as the the organ of the District Committee of VKP(b) (Communist Party of the... more

Kirov House of Culture

Kirovsk District
KIROVSK DISTRICT, a part of Leningrad Oblast. Area: 2590.9 sq. km. Population: 97,000. Located in the central part of Leningrad Oblast. In the north, it borders the Lake Ladoga coast; in the north-west and west, Vsevolozhsk District, in the west,... more

Kirovsk Central Inter-Settlement Library, the
THE KIROVSK CENTRAL INTER-SETTLEMENT LIBRARY ( 1 Building 5 Naberezhnaya Street, Kirovsk Town). The history of the library goes back to the 1920s, when Nevdubstroy village library was founded. First it was located in a barrack, then in the village... more

Kirovsk Children Library, the

Kirovsk children music school

Kirovsk District coat of arms and flag, the
The Kirovsk District's coat of arms and flag were official approved with the decisions of the Municipal Assembly of the Municipal Union “Kirovskiy rayon” (The Kirovsk District) of 15 April 1998, No. 224 and 20 January 1999. The heraldic description... more

Kirovsk Town Library, the

Kirovsk, town
KIROVSK, town, adm. center of Kirovsk District. Population: 25,400. It is situated on the left bank of the Neva. The town extends along the bank for more than 5 km, and has a quay. The “Kola” highway is 5 km south of K.; the town is connected with... more

"Kirovsky Fortification", a memorial

Kirpichensk children music school

Kiselnya, village
KISELNYA, a village in Volkhov District. Population: 1764. The name may be related to the Yelena River beginning in the environs of the village. K. is located at the point of crossing of several motor roads of local importance and the St.... more

Kislovsky (Kislovskoy), Sergey Vladimirovich (1897-1976), a scientist
Kislovsky (Kislovskoy), Sergey Vladimirovich (1897-1976), a scientist-geographer, an expert in toponymy, local historian. During the 1920s Kislovsky took an active part in the local history study movement in the Kashin uyezd of the Tver Gubernia and... more

Kivennapa*, v. Pervomayskaya, settlement

Kiviniyemi*, v. Losevo, settlement

Klodt, Pyotr Karlovich (1805- 1867), an artist
KLODT, von Urgensburg, Pyotr Karlovich, Baron (1805 – 1867, Khalola estate, Vyborg Province), sculptor, caster, academician and professor at the Imperial Academy of Arts (since 1838), head manager of smelting house at the Academy. Since 1829 he... more

Klopitsi Rural Library, the

Klopitsi, village
KLOPITSI, a village in Volosovo District. Population: 1100. Located on the Izhora Hills, at the motor road from Kikerino to the Tallinn Highway. In the 18th c., K. had a wooden church of Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin (according to other... more

Klopitsky House of Culture

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