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"Koporye Fortress", a museum

Koporye House of Culture

Koporye Rural Library, the

Koporye, a country estate
Koporye (Grevova), a country estate in the Lomonosov district. In the 18th century Koporye lands belonged to the Count Razumovskys. In 1809 Count Rasumovsky sold the large estate (15000 desyatinas) with 14 villages to the senator V.N. Zinovyev. His... more

Koporye, village
KOPORYE, a settlement in Lomonosov District. Population: 1,400. Located at the Koporka River, close to the railway station of the same name of the Kalische-Ust-Luga branch (opened in 1926.) The toponym K. supposedly originates from the verb “kopat”... more

Korbenichi Rural Library, the

Korbenichi, village
KORBENICHI, a village in Tikhvin District. Population: 44. Located on the north-western shore of Lake Kapshozero, 2 km away from the source of the Kapsha River. Via a pontoon bridge across the lake, it has access to the motor road to Tikhvin. The... more

"Korela", a museum-fortress
"Korela", a museum-fortress (Priozersk Town, 3 Leningrad Road). The first local history exhibition was founded in 1894 in the Round (Pugachev's) Tower of the Keksholm citadel acoording the initiative of the Finnish archaeologist and ethnographer... more

Korela, fortress, the
The Korela fortress (the town of Priozersk located on the bank of the River Vuoksa). The historic names: Kyakisalmi ("The Cuckoo Strait"; the Karelian name), Karelian Town (the Novgorod name), Korela (the Moscow name), Keksgolm (the Swedish name).... more

Korobitsino, settlement
KOROBITSINO, a settlement in Vyborg District. Population: 1200. Established in 1948 by integration of the villages of Päivilä, Sakastila, Pentsilä, Aliskapa, Sakkalila. Initially it was named Srednegorye; in the late 1948 it was renamed K. in memory... more

Korpovo caves
Korpovo caves are a natural object in the Luga district. It is located on the outskirts of the Luga elevation that is to the south of Luga Town on the steep bank of the Obla River, not far from Oblovskoe Lake. The Caves took their name from Korpovo... more

Koshelevichi, a country estate

"Kosmonaut" , cinema (Tosno Town)

Kostel of St.Hyacinthe (Vyborg Town)

Kosyakov, Vasily Antonovich (1862-1921), an architect
Vasily Antonovich Kosyakov (1862-1921), an architect, artist, teacher. He graduated from the Institute of Civil Engineers in 1885. In 1897 V.A. Kosyakov became an architect of Synod economic administration. From 1888 he became a teacher, in 1900 -... more

"Kotelsky", a reserve
Kotelsky is a state nature complex reserve. It is located in the territory of the Kingisepp district and occupies the area of 12,1 thousand hectares (including 3 thousand hectares are lakes, 50 hectares are the water area of Gulf of Finland). It was... more

Kotli, a country estate
Kotly, a country estate (the village of Kotli, the Kingisepp district). Since 1730 the grange of Kotelskaya belonged to the Barons Albrekhts. All buildings including a Lutheran and Orthodox churches were wooden. In the early 19th century under I.L.... more

Kotli, village
KOTLI (Finnish Kattila), a village in Kingisepp District. Population: 2013, mostly Russians and Vod. Located at the north-western end of the Izhora Hills, on a glint terrace. First mentioned in the 1499/1500 Rent Census Book of Vodskaya Pyatina as... more

Krakau, Aleksandr Ivanovich (1817 - 1888), an architect
Aleksandr Ivanovich Krakau (1817 - 1888), an architect, artist. During 1826-1839 he learned in the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. K.A. Ton was his teacher. During 1843-1850 A.I. Krakau studied the Renaissance architecture in Italy. In 1850 A.I.... more

Kramorskaya, a country estate
Kramorskaya, a country estate (the town o Ivangorod, the Kingisepp district). Building the country estate in the Kramorsky tract in the sharp bend of the River Narova was connected with tha factory complex "Parusinka" located to the east of... more

Kramskoy, Ivan Nikolayevich (1837-1887), an artist
KRAMSKOI, Ivan Nikolayevich (1837–1887), artist, public figure. In 1856 he entered St.Petersburg Imperial Academy of Arts, his teacher was A.T. Markov. In 1863 Kramskoi with a group of like-minded people (“Bunt Chetyrnadtsaty” (“Rebellion of the... more

"Krasnaya Dacha", a country estate

Krasnaya Gorka, a fort
Krasnaya Gorka, a fort (Alekseevskiy fort and in 1919-44-Krasnoflotskiy fort). The fort is located on the hill Krasnaya Gorka on the south coast of the Gulf of Finland in the area of the village Lebyagie. The fort was built in 1908-16. It is named... more

Krasnaya muis, a country estate

"Krasnaya zvezda" ("The Red Star"), a newspaper
"Krasnaya zvezda" ("The Red Star") (6 Sovetskaya Street, Priozersk Town), a social and political newspaper of the Priozersk District. It si founded on October 3, 1940 as the organ of the Kyakisalma Town Committee and the District Committee of... more

Krasnitsy, a country estate

Krasnoborsk Folk Theatre, the

Krasnodolinskaya children music school

Krasnogvardeysk*, v. Gatchina, town

Krasnoselskoye, settlement
KRASNOSELSKOYE (Finnish Kyyrölä before 1948), a settlement in Vyborg District. Population: 1100. Located at Lake Vishnevskoye (Finnish Yksjarvi). The toponym Kyyrölä originates from the last name Kyyrö known from the 16th century. In 1948 the... more

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