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"Knizhnaya lavka" ("The Book Shop"), a newspaper

Knutsson, monument to
The town of Vyborg.

Kobona, village
KOBONA, a village in Kirovsk District. Population: 133. Located near the Ladoga Canals on the coast of Lake Ladoga, at the mouth of the Kobonka River. The toponym originates from the Finnish “hapana” = rotten. It is mentioned in Novgorod’s scribe... more

"Kobona: the Road of Life", a museum
"Kobona: the Road of Life", a museum (the village of Kobona). It was established in the 1990s as a branch of the museum-reserve "The Break-through the Siege of Leningrad". After November 22, 1941 Kobona Village became a port and railway junction.... more

Kobrino Rural Library, the

Kobrino, a country estate
Kobrino, a country estate (the village of Kobrino, the Gatchina district). In the early 18th century the waste of Koprina belonged to Count P.M. Apraksin. Since 1762 A.P. Gannibal became the owner of Kobrino, he built a small country estate of... more

Kobrino, village
KOBRINO, a village in Gatchina District. Population: 96. Located at the Kobrinka River (tributary of the Suyda.) 0.5 km away from K. is Pribytkovo railway station of the Gatchina-Luga branch. The name originates from the name of the Kobrin family.... more

Kobrinskoye, urban settlement
KOBRINSKOYE, an urban settlement in Gatchina District. Population: 1,200. It is situated on the Kobrinka River (tributary of the Suida), 2 km away from Pribytkovo railway station of the Gatchina-Luga branch. It adjoins Kobrino village in the... more

"Kodima" ("Rodnata Zemlya" ("Native Land")), a newspaper

Koivisto*, v. Primorsk, town

Kokorev, Adrian Vasilyevich (1810 - 1877), an architect
Adrian Vasilyevich Kokorev (1810 - 1877), an architect. Kokorev frduated from the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts in 1833. In 1849 he became an academician of architecture. From 1838 Kokorev worked as architect if the First High School in St.... more

Kolchanovo, a country estate
Kolchanovo, a country estate (the village of Kolchanovo, the Volkhov district). In 1865 Kolchanovo was bought by M.R. Sharapov, a state peasant by origin. A wooden manor-house faced to the River Syas was built in the 1860s. Due to dividing the... more

Kolmogorov, Aleksandr Ivanovich (1870-1822), a scientist
Kolmogorov, Aleksandr Ivanovich (1870-1822), an archaeologist, ethnographer, anthropologist, full member of the Society of Natural History, Archaeology and Ethnography Lovers (1906), Master of Geography and Ethnography (1908), professor (1918). ... more

Kolokolov Aleksy Petrovich (1836-1902), priest, clergy figure
Kolokolov Aleksy Petrovich (1836-1902), clergy figure, philanthropist, preacher. He was burne in the priest family, in the village of Prusynskaya Gorka of Novoladozhsky Region. In 1857 he graduated from the St Alexander Nevsky Ecclesiastical... more

Kolpany Teacher-Kuester Seminary
Kolpany Teacher -Kuester Seminary (the village of Maliye Kolpany, Gatchina District), secondary school. It was founded at the Lutheran Church of Apolstle Peter in 1863. Lutheran-Evangelical pastors, teachers for the public schools, clergy... more

Koltushi children music school

Koltushi Rural Library, the

Koltushi Rural Settlement
KOLTUSHI RURAL SETTLEMENT, a part of Vsevolozhsk District. Population: 9,000. In 1996–2005, it was an independent municipal entity Koltushi Volost, and since 1 January 2006 it has had the status of first-level municipal entity. It is located on the... more

"Koltushi", a newspaper

Koltushi, village*, v. Koltushi rural settlement

Kommunar Central Town Library, the
THE KOMMUNAR CENTRAL TOWN LIBRARY (4 Leningradskaya Street, Kommunar Town). It took over from the library organized at town’s oldest plant – Tsarskoslavyanskaya paper mill (later Kommunar paper mill), the earliest mentioning of the library dates... more

Kommunar Town coat of arms and flag, the
The Kommunar Town's coat of arms and flag are the official approved symbols of the Municipal Union “Gorod Kommunar” (The Town of Kommunar) (the coat of arms was approved with the decision of the Head of Kommunar of 30 May 2002, No. 111, flag was... more

Kommunar, town
KOMMUNAR, town in Gatchina District. Population: 17,200. Located on the bank of the Izhora River 2 km away from Antropshino Railway Station. In the 18th century, the estate in the Slavyanka valley was owned by Catherine I, and after that, Count Karl... more

"Kon-kamen" ("Horse-stone"), a natural monument
Kon-kamen ("Horse-stone") is a natural and history monument in the Konevets Island (the Priozersk district). It is a glacial boulder (the length is 9,2 meters, the width is 6,4 meters, the height is 4,3 meters; the weight is more than 750 tonnes).... more

Konevets Munastery of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary
The Konevets Monastery of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary (Konevets island, the Priozersk district). It is located in the southern part of the Konevets Island in seven kilometres from the West shore of Ladoga Lake. The monastery was founded in... more

Konkka, Yuhani (1904-1970), a literary man
Konkka, Yuhani (1904, Konkkala located near Toksovo settlement -1970), a writer, tramslator. In 1915 Yuhani Konkka joined at the People's College in Impilakhti Town and then at the theological seminary in Sortavala. In 1919 Konkka's family mooved to... more

"Konnentable", obelisk, the
The obelisk "Konnentable" is located on the square of the same name in the town of Gatchina. It was placed in October 1793. The obelisk was made of chernitsky limestone and fixed on the pedestal made of limestone too. The obelisk is crowned with the... more

"Konnetabl", a bulletin of VOOPIiK (the All-Union Society of Protection of History and Culture Monuments

Koporye children music school

Koporye Fortress
Koporye Fortress (village Koporye, on the bank of the river Koporka) is located on the top of the rock which surrounded by valley of the river and ravines. It is located 12 km from the Gulf of Finland. The fortifiers were attracted the convenient... more

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