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Israel (Andreyev) (1793-1884), archimandrite, clergy figure
Israel (Ivan Andreyev; 1793, the village of Putilovo of the Shlisselburg uyezd - 1884, Konevets Island ), an archimandrite, clergy figure. Ivan Andreyev was born in the family of a sexton. From 1829 he was a monastic novice of the Valaam... more

Judaism. This Confession began to disseminate in the St Petersburg Guberniya from the middle of the 19th century. In 1863 the Rabbi activity was permited in St Petersburg and the first prayer meetinghouse was opened, in 1893 the Choral... more

Kolokolov Aleksy Petrovich (1836-1902), priest, clergy figure
Kolokolov Aleksy Petrovich (1836-1902), clergy figure, philanthropist, preacher. He was burne in the priest family, in the village of Prusynskaya Gorka of Novoladozhsky Region. In 1857 he graduated from the St Alexander Nevsky Ecclesiastical... more

Kolpany Teacher-Kuester Seminary
Kolpany Teacher -Kuester Seminary (the village of Maliye Kolpany, Gatchina District), secondary school. It was founded at the Lutheran Church of Apolstle Peter in 1863. Lutheran-Evangelical pastors, teachers for the public schools, clergy... more

Konevets Munastery of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary
The Konevets Monastery of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary (Konevets island, the Priozersk district). It is located in the southern part of the Konevets Island in seven kilometres from the West shore of Ladoga Lake. The monastery was founded in... more

Kostel of St.Hyacinthe (Vyborg Town)

Laurikkala Selim Yalmari (1882-1957), clergy figure
Laurikkala Selim Yalmari (1882–1957), Finnish clergy figurehe studied theology at the Gelsingfor University (1905-08). From 1909 he was in Russia; he was pastor at the parish of Kotla (1910-13); then he was pastor at the parish of Ryabovo... more

Lintulsky Convent of the Holy Trinity
The Lintula Convent of the Holy Trinity (the settlement of Ogonki, the Vyborg distrikt). It was the first convent in Finland. The convent was founded by the privy Councillor F.P. Neronov in 1894 in the estate Lintula bought for this aim. The wooden... more

Lounatioki Convent of St. Seraphim
The Lounatioki Woman Monastic Community of St. Seraphim (the village of Zakhodnoye, the Vyborg district). It was founded in the 1900s with the blessing of archbishop of Finland Sergius (Stragorodsky) in a dacha area Lounatioki (from 1948 the... more

Lutheran Church of St. Apolstle Peter (the village of Maliye Kolpany, Gatchina District)
Lutheran Church of Apolstle Peter (the village of Maliye Kolpany, Gatchina District), Finnish Church is placed at the cemetery (parish of Kolpany, it was founded in 1640). The Church for 680 seats was built from quarry stones in 1799–1800... more

Lutheranism. The first Lutheran parish was formed in Koporye in 1590 in the territory of the contemporary Leningrad Oblast. The dissemination of Lutheranism began in Russia after the annexation of the lands of the Neva River by Sweden in 1617. ... more

Lyubushka of Susanino (Lyubov Ivanovna Lazareva) (1911 - 1997), blessed
Lyubushka of Susanino (Lyubov Ivanovna Lazareva; 1911/1912 (?) – 1997), Blessed, ascetic. She lived with her elder brother in Peresburg after her parents died in 1923. She worked at the factory "Red Triangular", then she worked at the linen... more

Makary (1482-1563), metropolitan, clergy figure
Makary (1482–1563), metropolitan of Moscow and All Russia, spiritual writer, in the world в миру he was Mikhail Leontyevich. He was professed as a monk during his yoth in the Pafnuty-Borovskoy Monastery. From 1523 he was the archimandrite of the... more

Medvedsky Monastery of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker
The Medvedkovo Monastery of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker (the town of Staraya Ladoga). It was founded not later than in the 15th century on the left bank of the Volkhov River on the peninsula nearby the river mouth. The terrain feature of... more

Military Orthodox churches
Military Orthodox churches began to organize in Saint Petersburg in the beginning of the 18th c chiefly as field churches. In 1800 the post of the military ober-priest was introduced by the order of Paul I (later it was named the arch-presbuter... more

Monastery of St.Basil, the
The Monastery of St.Basil (the village of Chernavino, the Volkhov district). The Monastery of St.Basil was founded before 1555, the church was devoted to Saint Basil the Great. In the 1580s the monastery was brought in ruins. According to the... more

Nikodim (Rotov) (1929-1978), metropolitan, clergy figure
Nikodim (Boris Georgiyevich Rotov; 1929–1978), metropolitan, clergy figure. He studied in the Ryazan Pedagogic Institute. In 1947 he was professed as a monk; in 1949 he became a hieromonk and worked in parishes of the Eparchy of Yaroslavl. From ... more

Old Belief
Old Belief. The movement of the Russian Orthodox (Old Belivers, ""schimatics"") having the rites which existed before the reforms of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich and Patriarch Nikon (the middle of the 17th c). Old Belief are divided into the Popovtsy... more

Orthodox community of St. Sergius of Valaam and St. Germanicus of Valaam

Orthodox monasteries
The Othodox monasteries. The oldest monasteries located on the territory of the Leningrad Oblast - the Monastery of the Dormition, the Monastery of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker and the Zastenny Monastery of St. George in Ladoga were founded... more

Padansky Convent of the Presentation in the Temple
The Padansky Convent of the Presentation in the Temple (the Podporozhye district). It was founded about 1543 as the Verkhopadansky Cornelius Monastery (Hermitage) of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker and was closed in 1764. It was reestablished in 1872... more

Pimen (Gavrilov) (1828/1829 - 1910), archimandrite, clergy figure
Pimen (Pyotr Gavrilov, 1828 (29?) – 1910, Konevets Island ), archimandrite, clergy figure, spiritual writer. In 1852 he entered the Valaam Monastery, in 1858 he was professed as a monk, in 1861 he became a priest. He knew five foreign languages ... more

Pyatigorsky Convent of the Mother of God
The Pyatogorsky Convent of the Mother of God (the village of Kurkovitsi, the Volosovo district). It was separated from the Vokhono Convent of St. Mary-Magdalene. It was founded in 1899 according to the decree of the Holy Synod on the area (177.5... more

Resurrection Monastery, the
The Monastery of the Resurrection (The Tosno district, Macarius hermitage). It was located on the left bank of the Lezna River about 20 kilometres to the North-East from Lyuban. The monastery was founded in the first half of the 16th century on the... more

Russian-Estonian deanary
Russian-Estonian deanary. People of the Baltic States were originally baptized by the Orthodox Church, from 13th с they were converted in Catholicism, from 16th с they were converted in Lutheran. In 1841 the Estonia peasants began to convert... more

Sectarianism. Religious societies, which do not belong to the World religions, are divided conditionally into societies having the West origin, the Russian origin and the East origin. The Seventh Day Adventists (it was formed in the first half of... more

Senno Holy Trinity Skete
The Senno holy Trinity Skete (the village of Senno, the Boksitogorsk district). It is probably, in the the 16th century the church of Sts. Florian and Laurus was built in the village of Senno. The church was included into the Kolbetsky Pogost. In... more

Serafim of Vyritsa (Muravyev), (1866 - 1949), Saint, clergy figure
St Seraphim of Vyritsa (Vasily Nikilayevich Muravyev; 1866-1949), Venerable, clergy figure. In 1876 he moved in St Petersburg and worked as a delivery man in the Gostiny Dvor. In 1890 he married and had children. From 1892 he was a salesman. In 1897... more

Sergy (Stragorodsky) (1867-1944), patriarch, clergy figure
Sergy (Ivan Nikolayevich Stragorodsky; 1867–1944), Patriarch. He graduated from the seminary of Nizhny Novgorod (1886) and the Ecclesiastical Academy in St Petersburg (1890; Doctor of Theology). On 30 January 1890 he was professed as a monk, on 21... more

Staraya Ladoga Dormition Convent, the
The Staraya Ladoga Dormition Convent (the Volkhov district, the village of Staraya Ladoga) is one the most ancient monasteries in the St. Petersburg Eparchy. It was presumably founded in the first quarter of the 12th century as a prince's convent... more

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