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Polyani, settlement
POLYANI (Finnish Uusikirkko = “new church” before 1947), a settlement in Vyborg District. Population: 1500. Located on the shore of Lake Polyanskoye (former Kirkkojarvi.) It is also known as Kirkonkyla = “church village” and Kirkkojarvi = “church... more

Priladozhsky, urban settlement
PRILADOZHSKY, an urban settlement in Kirovsk District. Population: 5,200. The settlement’s name is related to its situation south of the Lake Ladoga coast. P. is in the center of the district, close to the Murmansk Highway, 27 km away from... more

Primorsk, town
PRIMORSK (Swedish Bjorko, Finnish Koivisto, Primorsk since 1948), a town in Vyborg District. Population: 5,300. Important port on the Baltic Sea. Connected with railways to St. Petersburg (1916) and Vyborg (1925). First mentioned in a chronicle... more

Priozersk District
PRIOZERSK DISTRICT, municipal entity. Population: 63,300 (of these, 20,500 live in Priozersk town, the adm. center.) Area: 3,563.1 sq. km. Located in the eastern and north-eastern parts of the Karelian Isthmus. It borders Vsevolozhsk and Vyborg... more

Priozersk, town
PRIOZERSK (Korela; Kexholm until 1948; Finnish Käkisalmi,) town, adm. center of Priozersk District. Population: 19,300. From 1310, the center of Russian possessions in Karelia. It belonged to Sweden in 1580-95 and in 1611-1710. It became territory... more

Pudost, settlement
PUDOST, ), a settlement in Gatchina District. Population: 2,500. Located at the railway station of the same name of the St. Petersburg-Gatchina Baltiyskaya branch. It is on the right bank of the Izhora River (long ago, the upper reach of the Izhora... more

Putilovo, village
PUTILOVO, a village in Kirovsk District. Population: 1,500. Located at the edge of the Putilovo Hills, whose name originates from the Slav name Putilo. The Murmansk Highway extends close to the village. In the 17th c. it was the center of the... more

PYATINAS, adm. and territorial regions of the core Novgorod Land as part of a united Russian State in the late 15th – 17th century. They are known from written sources (scribe rolls and deeds) from the late 15th century. There were five P.... more

Radofinnikovo, settlement
RADOFINNIKOVO, a settlement in Tosno District. Population: 932. Located in the upper reach of the Tosna River. It is connected by a motor road to the district center and other localities, and has communication to St. Petersburg and Veliky Novgorod... more

Radogoshch, village
RADOGOSCH, a village in Boksitogorsk District. Population: 320. Located in the basin of the Lid River. The Veps name of the village is Arskaht. R. has access to the Novaya Ladoga-Yaroslavl route via a motor road. Settlements on the “Radogosch-lake”... more

Ragusha River, the
RAGUSHA, river, left-hand tributary of the Volozhba River (Lake Ladoga basin.) Length: 42 km. The width varies from 3-5 m at the source to 10-15 m near the mouth. It flows out of the south-eastern part of Lake Nikulinskoye in Khvoinaya District,... more

Rakhya, urban settlement
RAKHYA, an urban settlement in Vsevolozhsk District. Population: 3,200. It is situated in a lowland near the Gladkoye peat deposit. It appeared in 1892 as a settlement of workers of P. L. Korf’s peat briquette factory at Torfyanoye station of the... more

Rautu*, v. Sosnovo, settlement

Rayvola*, v. Roshchino, urban settlement

ROADS. Historically, the road network in the territory of Leningrad oblast has been developing unevenly: the regions east of the Volkhov River are worse provided with R. because the principal economic, military, and cultural centers have always been... more

Ropsha, settlement
ROPSHA, a village in Lomonosov District. Population: 847. Located on the Ropsha Heights near the Strelka River, at the crossing of the Kipen-Strelna highway and Dyatlitsi-Krasnoye Selo. The toponym originates from Novgorod’s name Khrap or Khrapsha.... more

Ropshinsky Canal, the
ROPSHA CANAL (Old Peterhof Canal), a part of the Peterhof fountain water passage that is the gravity hydraulic system. It originates on the Ropsha Hills, from the Shingarka (River) (or Shinkarka, or Fabrichnaya River.) Length: 24 km, width: 6.4 m,... more

Roshchino, urban settlement
ROSHCHINO (Raivola [Finnish] before 1947), an urban settlement in Vyborg District. Population: 9,400. It is situated the bank of the Roschinka river (former Raivolanjoki), at the railway station of the same name of the St. Petersburg-Vyborg branch.... more

Rozhdestvenno, village
ROZHDESTVENO, a village in Gatchina District. Population: 1900. Located on the Kiev Highway route at the interfluve of the Oredezh and Gryaznaya Rivers. Medieval burial mounds have been discovered in the environs of R. It is mentioned in Novgorod’s... more

Rural Councils
VILLAGE SOVIETS, lower-level adm. and territorial units, parts of districts. They were established everywhere in the USSR during the first Soviet reform of adm./territorial division in 1923-29, according to which, the previous three-level division... more

Ryabovo, urban settlement
RYABOVO, an urban settlement in Tosno District. Population: 3.300. It is situated at the railway station of the same name of the St. Petersburg-Moscow branch, parallel to which, the Moscow Highway extends. It has been developing since the late... more

Sablinka River, the
SABLINKA, a river in Tosno District, left-hand tributary of the Tosna River. Length: 26 km. Catchment area: 84.54 sq. km. It originates near Yeglizi village. Among the localities on the river’s banks, Ulyanovka urban settlement is the largest. S.... more

Sablino, v. Ulyanovka

Sakkola*, v. Gromovo, settlement

Sapyornoye, settlement
SAPERNOYE (Finnish Venaja Valkjarvi / “Russian White Lake” before 1948), a settlement in Priozersk District. Population: 3300. Located at Lake Sapernoye (former Beloye / Valkjarvi). Settlements in the place of S. were already known in the mid-16th... more

Saymensky Canal, the
SAIMAA CANAL. Built in 1843-56 to connect Lake Saimaa to the Gulf of Finland. It is situated in Vyborg District of Leningrad Oblast and in Finland. Attempts to build the canal were made in 1499–1511 and in 1607-09. In 1835, a survey was carried... more

Schlusselburg, town
SCHLÜSSELBURG (Petrokrepost in 1944-92), a town in Kirovsk District. In 1996–2005, a separate municipal entity. Population: 12,400. Located at the head of the Neva River, on its left bank. S. is connected by bus service to Kirovsk and St.... more

Semrino, settlement

Sertola, v. Sertolovo, town

Sertolovo, town
SERTOLOVO, a town in Vsevolozhsk District. Population: 38,400 (70% are the military and their family members.). It is located at a portion of the Scandinavia international highway. The ring motor road extends close to the town lines. 6 km away from... more

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